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BLOG; Clearing snow from Hedges & Evergreens

7 December 2010

For most of the Country except the far north serious chance of snow starts from mid-December through to mid February.  Although it often offers a warm protective blanket to newly emerging bulbs and early perennials heavy falls of snow can cause serious damage in the garden.

The added weight on evergreen hedges such as Yew, Laurel and Thuya, can push the network of branches out causing the once tapering hedge to bend outward and potential snap branches.

Heavy snow can have a similar effect on topiary evergreen such as box balls and larger evergreen shrubs, again the weight of the snow bends branches downwards and even after the snow has melted the branches will not return fully to their former shape.  The best way to combat this it to take a broom and knock the snow off as soon as possible to reduce the weight.