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Plant of the Week - Mahonia

4 November 2011
Plant of the Week - Mahonia

Mahonias, or Lily of the valley bush, are grown for their attractive foliage and fragrant, showy, yellow flowers often followed by blue-black berries, relished by blackbirds and thrushes.

'Charity' and ‘Winter Sun’ are some of the most floriferous and early flowering varieties.

All have an upright habit with long leaves, consisting of glossy, dark green leaflets. Stalks of bright yellow, fragrant flowers are produced at the ends of branches from late autum
n to late winter. They look particularly good at the back of borders when plants in front die down in winter to reveal the beauty of their flowers and foliage.

Mahonias grow in any reasonable garden soil and thrive in shady situations, including under trees or close to the north side of the house.

These stunning plants are available from all good Garden Centres