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Gardeners' World Episode 21

6 September 2012
Gardeners' World Episode 21

By the end of August, some perennial plants will be setting seed and, for gardeners on a budget, this is the time to collect, store and sow them to stock our gardens for free. Monty demystifies the process by showing us which seeds to sow now, which to save for later and which ones respond better to a bit of time spent in the fridge.

Carol extols the virtues of the cow parsley family and shows us how versatile and hardy this plant's relatives can be when she meets a gardener who uses many different varieties in his Surrey garden.

Gardener Geoff Hoyle gave up growing vegetables in favour of flowers and became so obsessed with dahlias that he now fills his small back garden with hundreds of bright and colourful varieties.

And Monty responds to the many viewers who have written in to the programme about their box plants which are, like his, showing symptoms of blight.

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