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June's plant of the month is the rose

30 May 2014
June's plant of the month is the rose

June's plant of the month is the rose, surely one of the most loved flowers in the history of gardening. Centuries of breeding has given us one of the richest heritages of different rose varieties imaginable, so we've collected together the very best for you here in your garden centre.

To help make your choice easier we've picked out our top ten 'desert island' roses – truly lovely queens of the border we think no garden should be without.

'Madame Alfred Carriere': beautifully-scented palest pink flowers

'Iceberg': super-reliable and long-flowering in purest white.

'Charles de Mills': dusky purple, lushly romantic flowers with a sweet fragrance

'Roseraie de l'Hay': gorgeous crimson-purple flowers, rich scent and orange-red hips.

'Buff Beauty': never out of flower all summer with headily perfumed apricot blooms

'Madame Hardy': a sophisticated pure white Damask rose which gleams from a shady corner

'Constance Spry': a large, lax pink shrub rose also grown as a climber – it has a lovely, spicy fragrance

'New Dawn': a climber for a shadier spot, flowering freely in pink-flushed white

'Gertrude Jekyll': pink flowers and one of the best scents of all the modern roses

'Louise Odier': a truly romantic English rose with a rich scent and tightly-petalled pink flowers