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Prune rambling roses

22 August 2014
Prune rambling roses

Prune rambling roses as soon as they've flowered. You can tell the difference between these and climbing types because rambling roses produce multiple whippy stems from the base: climbing roses, on the other hand, form a woody framework from which flowering shoots grow through the year.

Start by removing any obviously dead or dying shoots right back to the ground. Then cut out the shoots which have flowered, removing them as close to the ground as possible - you may need a specialist pruning saw for the thickest branches. Finish off by tieing in new ones to replace them, aiming for an evenly spaced fan pattern across the supports.

Breathe new life into an older, more overgrown plant by removing one in three of the thickest and oldest shoots, prompting the plant to send up lots of new growth for more flowers and a fresh start.

Make sure you wear the right protective gear before tackling a mature rambler, though, as those long, whippy, thorn-laden branches can inflict a nasty injury if you let your guard down. You'll find everything you need in our store, from thornproof gauntlets and sturdy jackets to safety goggles to protect your eyes.