Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas

Having a beautiful garden where you can spend some time enjoying some tranquility and fresh air is something that many homeowners wish for. However, several houses only have a small outdoor area available. This does not mean that you cannot have the garden you desire, as there are several small garden ideas that you could put into practice to manage to create a truly beautiful garden while making the best use of the space available. With the Garden Centre Finder, you can find your nearest centre for advice in finding practical solutions to your small garden ideas. And with the Garden Centre Guide, you can compare and find the tools to create the garden of your dreams.

Yes, your garden is big enough for a tree!

If the area is small, you should avoid having too many trees as they will take up a lot of space.Thus, it is a good idea to opt for some small trees. Many people love the idea of growing fruits and vegetables, and if the garden is small you may think that this is going to be impossible. However that is not the case is you make some well-thought- out choices. Here you will find several fruit trees to choose from. The key is to plant them in an area where they will not get into one another’s way. Some trees will remain smaller than others. Good examples include crabapples, grapefruit, mandarin, plum, nectarine and pear trees.

Small Garden Ideas - Create a small Pond

If you add a trellis or a small fence you are going to make the most of the space available in your garden. Vine crops can grow vertically, and they create a very nice effect. A bird feeder and a birdhouse will take up very little space, yet they are among the most practical and cute small garden ideas. They will help to attract birds, and when you check the various varieties available you will be spoiled for choice. Adding a pond is something that will not only enhance the beauty of your garden, but also enable you to go for a natural decoration. Water features are always appealing in a garden, and after all, there is no need to use up too much space to have a garden pond. Here's a short and easy instruction on how you can create a pond for your small garden: 


Small Furniture for Small Gardens

Outdoor furniture is another important consideration when it comes to considering small garden ideas. If you live alone a bench will suffice. However if you plan to entertain friends of relatives it is best to have a small table and some chairs. There are several types of outdoor furniture options one can choose from. They come in various styles and are made from materials that can withstand the outdoor elements. Some of the most popular options include resin, teak and rattan.The key is to choose wisely so as not to have your garden look and feel crowded. So avoid bulky chairs or big tables, and opt for small versions, or even consider built-in seating in one or more corners of the garden. Check out the range of outdoor furniture on the Garden Centre Guide for more ideas.


Planting Ideas for Small Gardens

small garden ideas

Some small garden ideas relating to planting are important. Try to choose plants that are ideal for small spaces. A scheme of colours is recommended since the garden is small, because if you have too many colours you will make it feel more confined. Plants are ideally sued to create a framework, and to divide the garden to help make it look larger than it really is.

Putting these small garden ideas into practice when designing and decorating your garden can help you achieve a great result. Just be creative and look up the products available from the garden centres near you. The different product category pages will help to simplify your search and render your online shopping for your garden much easier.

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