5 Garden furniture pieces you're going to need for your summer party

5 Garden furniture pieces you're going to need for your summer party

Everyone knows that summer is the time of year that we dust off the outdoor dining set, rinse off the barbeque grill and see if we can still stretch into that pair of salmon shorts that we bought the previous year. If like me, the shorts still don't fit - don't worry about it, salmon coloured shorts are so out this year anyway! Nevertheless, here are 5 essential pieces of garden furniture that you're going to need in your back garden for all the BBQs and parties you'll be having! (You're a regular gatsby aren't you?!)

1. The all important Garden Dining Set

The central feature of the summer party. The amphitheatre of conversation. And most importantly, the surface to be laden with Pimms and Prosecco. The Garden dining set is without a doubt the most important piece of furniture to have in your garden for summer parties. Is yours looking a bit naff? Find a new one today with the garden centre guide. Garden dining sets can vary a lot. Rattan, teak, aluminium, rectangular tables, round tables. With so many varieties, choosing outdoor furniture for your party can be a right mess! The main thing to remember is that your garden dining set is going to be the life of the summer party, so make sure you can accommodate your guests! The Cannes rattan 6 seater dining set from Royal Craft featured below, is perfect for small gatherings, it's available through Garden Furniture World, with prices starting from £664.99.

For the more popular amongst you socialites, perhaps try and extendable dining set with extra chairs.

2. The Barbecue Grill on the move - Weber, Napoleon, Charbroil

Ok, so this isn't a piece of furniture, nor is it for your garden, but it's so incredibly essential that I want it to be! After all, for me personally - I don't even want to sit down anywhere unless I have a burger or sausage in front of me! Weber, Napoleon, and charbroil BBQs are, of course, among the barbie brands of choice. But let's not forget the little guys. Like the portable barbeques, for example. Perfect for an outing with a group of friends to the riverside, or for the situations when that 'one friend' who doesn't have a barbecue wants one around his house... We all know the guy I'm talking about! This is why I'm going to recommend the portable barbecue as one of your summer party essentials. So you can take the party with you, wherever you go.

 portable bbqs 

3. Hot Summer Days, Warm Summer Nights - Chimeneas

If only it could remain 28 degrees heat all day and night. Unfortunately, there comes a point at the summer garden party when you'll find yourself rummaging for a light jumper. Ergo, the Chimenea. Not only is it a great focal point in your outdoor space, but it provides you with a source of warmth, cooking apparatus, and a social area to huddle around, roast marshmallows, and debate serious life topics with your best of friends - Or just tell spooky stories... Check out this contemporary, medium sized, cast iron, bronze Chimenea with added grill - £79.00 from Digital High Street

Cast Iron Bronze Chinema

4. Shed some light on the party - Outdoor Lighting

Fairy lights can dazzle, whilst subtle lamps can set the mood. Outdoor lighting is not to be overlooked. Many a garden gathering has been thwarted by the absence of the sun. "Shall we go inside? It's getting a bit dark out here." - No more! In today's world, garden lighting solutions are quick, easy and cheap. For drinks after eight, choose LED fairy lights. For an intimate evening dinner, choose candle lit lanterns. And for an eco-friendly solution, choose solar powered lamps. These colour changing set of 4 solar lights from Scotts Of Stow are a versatile way to create ambient lighting when the sun goes down.

Solar Garden lights Scotts of Stow


5. It's too hot & bright! - Parasols

Let's not forget that most summer parties begin during the day when the sun is at it's highest and hottest. If you've made the rookie mistake of losing your sunglasses, there's only so much time until there will come a point where your friends are all starting to think that you've gone off of them! Stop squinting. Get yourself a good area of shade from the blistering heat, which will also help your vision. You'll find loads of great deals on parasols on Garden Furniture world's website. Grab one quick!

The After Party Wild Card: Hanging Chairs for One

An ingenious design for gardeners looking for uber comfort, sophistication, and a moment to themselves. Hanging chairs are great for the notorious 'day after' effect. When your friends are long gone, the charcoal barbecue is reduced to ashes and tiny embers, and no matter where you look, you're not finding that set of tongs anywhere! All you want to do is sit in your own chair and just... 'hang'. The John Lewis Dante Pod Wicker Hanging Chair is a great way to claim your own territory. Visit John Lewis to find out more.

John Lewis Hanging Chair

Ready to buy garden furniture?

There you have it. By now you should have the info you need to get your summer party off to a flying start! Just don't forget the food... Please, don't forget the food. If you're looking for more garden furniture, visit our products page to find & compare prices of thousands of gardening products. 

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