A Step-By-Step Guide to Pruning Apple Trees

A Step-By-Step Guide to Pruning Apple Trees

Growing Fruit yourself can be an extremely satisfying and fulfilling adventure to embark on. both in terms of the therapeutic process, and the end product. If you've been growing an apple tree and want to get the most out of it, you should definitely look into the essential task of pruning it. the benefits of pruning are endless. your tree will have more life to it, pruning quickens growth, and your tree will produce a better quality of fruit as well as more of it over time. Trust us when we say that you don't want your apple tree to descend into chaos as a result of neglecting to prune it. Just follow along with our easy steps and you can prune your apple tree yourself today.

The First Step to Pruning your Apple Tree

When to Prune? As inviting as it might seem, don't just jump the waggon and start pruning your apple tree as soon as it looks like it needs it. If you just start hacking away at it, you might end up with nothing left! It's integral to start at the right time - at least two weeks after the most recent frost. 

Quick Pruning Tips

  1. Don't take timing too literally - It's also fine if you start pruning later in the spring or early summer.
  2. That being said, AVOID autumn. your efforts will prove fruitless (literally) as new growth will be stimulated fro the pruning, but will die off from the cold of winter.

Decide How Much You Need to Prune

A well-pruned apple tree will not be a great sun blocker - There should be a good amount of daylight between the branches.

Have you got the Tools for the Job?

Get your tools right and you'll get the job right! Pruning needs some specific tools in order to ensure that your tree comes out of the process healthy. The blades you use to cut should reflect the size of the branches you are cutting. for example, small branches will require hand pruners/secateurs, but for any branches which are thicker than an inch, start thinking about using loppers. If you find you have any branches which are 3 inches in thickness or more, use a saw.

Understand which Apple Trees to Prune

If your apple tree is creating a solar eclipse in your garden then it is obviously a great candidate fro pruning. But, remember that pruning should not be done on every tree. It's not recommended to prune your tree while it's still in its young stages. Try holding off until it is at least 3 years of age. If you have to do a great deal of pruning, try to take it in stages over a great number of seasons rather than all at the same time.

Quick Pruning Tips

  • Pruning small trees is done to inspire a strong framework and beginning shape.
  • Pruning older trees encourages larger, healthier fruit and maintains the overall shape.

How to Prune Apple Trees Video

Below is a very informative and helpful video from Tom Cole at Capel Manor college in London. It's a very useful watch on how you can prune apple trees for maximum taste!

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