10 easy steps for pre-summer barbecue cleaning

10 easy steps for pre-summer barbecue cleaning

Summer is on its way - time to dust off your cooking tools and make a start with cleaning your barbecue! As soon as the faintest trace of sunshine appears, there's nothing more British than to go absolutely crazy and try to put the barbecue to use straight away. But after a long summer of being used, and then a winter of neglect, your grill might not be looking it's most glamorous for the summer party season ahead. Luckily, cleaning your barbecue doesn't have to be a hard task! Follow these quick and easy tips, and your grill, whether charcoal BBQ or electric, will be looking spick and spam for the wild nights ahead.

How to clean your barbecue: Steps 1 - 3

It's important that you remember each bbq manufacturer will have different recommendations on how to clean your barbecue. No barbecues are made the same, but most will take to these steps nicely. 

1. The first step is to turn your barbecue up to full heat, for gas barbecues this just entails turning up the heat to the max. For charcoal, throw in fresh coals and wait for them to reach a red-hot temperature. 

2. Place the lid on, and leave it to stand for roughly 15 to 20 minutes. This will 'bake off' excess grime and food off the grill, making the cleaning process a lot easier.

3. Next, you need to wait for the barbecue to cool down then scrub away with a steel brush.

Deep cleaning BBQ grills

Used your barbecue recently? You won't need to worry too much about cleaning it again, but, once every month, it's worth giving it a good scrub to make sure your grills looking as good as it can be. 

4) Once you've carbonised the excess grime and food from your grill by using the baking method in steps 1 -3 (and the grill has cooled down!!) you can remove the grill.

5) Step 5 is to use a warm soapy water to wash the bars. Try not to use abrasive cleaners or tools which could damage the grill. Some products are used specifically for cleaning barbecues which will work wonderfully, but in many cases, general multipurpose cleaners are great. As said previously, it's worth checking with your manufacturer's guidelines before using products on your grill.

6) Next, rinse and dry the grill straight away, and then a quick tip is to rub on vegetable oil to prevent rusting.

Last steps

A lot of modern barbies have drip trays for collecting grease and ash. These will usually need cleaning out after every use, but once again it's worth allowing the trays a little while to cool down before tackling them. No one wants a nasty burn from hot grease!

7) A handy trick is to use cat litter to soak up grease when you're cleaning barbecue drip trays. If you have it. If not, pour the cold grease from your drip tray into the bin rather than the sink. 

8) Wash all trays using warm soapy water. 

9) Dust down the inside of the BBQ with a steel brush, and if necessary, a little warm soapy water.

10) If you have a gas burner you need to find out what the manufacturer's instructions are before using it. 

There you have it, 10 easy steps to cleaning your barbecue! Start stocking up on barbecue equipment today and get ready for the summer parties to come!

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