Tending to Your Lawn in March

Tending to Your Lawn in March

Now is a great time to start tending to your lawn. It can depend on what the weather is like at this time of year as there is still a chance of frost but in the main leaves and debris can be removed. Use a rake or one of the modern garden vacuums to collect all the debris. Then you need to tend to your lawn mower. Blades will often become blunt from the previous years use and due to this the mower should be taken to be sharpened or the grass will not be cut evenly. It is not advisable to cut your lawn when it is still wet as it can pull up clumps of your lawn and they are then hard to replace and bring the pieces back to their original colour.

Is it Time to Fertilise Your Lawn

Fertilising your lawn is important to keep it in excellent condition. However, it cannot be done when the weather is too wet and with March being a little unpredictable it is important not to do it too early. If it has to be left until later in the month then that is what has to be done. Fertilising your lawn will ensure a rich green look without any dry patches that end up being a lighter colour. It is advisable to consult with your local garden centre who will be able to give you valuable information as to the best fertiliser and turf hardener for the area and weather.

How to Control Your Weeds Through March

As already said March can be difficult for lawns. If it is particularly wet any weed killer will dilute and not have the effect it should have. However, it is important to apply weedkiller to ensure the lawn is immaculate. If the weeds take over then you may find large patches of grass missing or very thin and light coloured. Destroying the weeds early will ensure a healthy lawn. In garden centres there are a multitude of weedkillers so it is important to purchase the one that will kill the types of weeds on your lawn. Consult an expert at your local garden centre.

Watering Your Lawn

Once you have fertilised and killed any weeds, how are you going to ensure that the lawn is well kept? Watering your lawn is essential but only when it becomes dry. During March when the weather is still unsettled it may not be necessary to water your lawn. If it stays green and starts to grow then there is sufficient moisture in the ground. If the grass becomes a yellow colour and feels dry and course then watering it is necessary. A rich green lawn that feels bouncy when it is walked on is perfect. To achieve this it does need to be looked after on a weekly basis. Aerating the lawn with a fork or rolling aerator will also help to keep it in tip top condition.

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