Setting up a BBQ

Setting up a BBQ

At last, the warmer weather is starting to approach as we enter into March and it is a great time to start thinking about setting up a BBQ. Gas BBQ or electric, for example? There are so many different designs and sizes on the market now it may be hard to choose the right one. Firstly, size is important. There is no point in buying one that is too big for your needs as the likelihood is you will not use it. Similarly, you need to think about who you will be catering for as too small will also discourage you from using it. Then there is the simplicity of how it works and how easy it is to store.

Advantages of a Gas BBQ

The main advantage of having a gas BBQ in your garden is how easy it is to start up and use. Calor gas bottles supply the gas with which to heat your cooking area. No messy charcoal bricks or ashes that need to be cleaned away afterwards. From the small to the large, they heat instantly ready to cook your favourite foods. The basic grill design allows for your food to be cooked on a flat grill with the flames underneath and a lid that will fold over the top. After cooking is finished it will keep your food warm. The larger BBQ can have more than one grill as well as a flat cooking surface to the side. For the larger family or for entertaining these are fabulous.

How to Work with a Charcoal BBQ

Working with a charcoal BBQ takes time and patience, in a way it is an art. Firstly, fire lighters will be required to get the charcoal bricks to light. The secret is in how the bricks are placed around the lighters and the draft that is let in to increase the flames. The basic BBQ with its open top, flat bottom for the charcoal and grills to place food on is simple and for some the 'proper' way to BBQ. They like to have the challenge of getting the coals to the right temperature to cook the perfect meat. It takes longer to set up and prepare than a gas BBQ as the coals need to be burnt until they are white hot. Some say having a BBQ with charcoal brings a new flavour to your cooking that cannot be achieved with gas.

How to Clean and Store

Keeping your BBQ clean ready for its next use is important whether gas or charcoal. For the gas BBQ it is easy to remove the grills and wash them and then a wipe down with the rest of your cooking tools. For a charcoal BBQ the ashes need to be discarded once they are cold. It is not necessary to wash this area clean but the grills and cooking tools need to be washed just the same. Always keep your BBQ covered to prevent it getting wet and rust setting in and if possible put away in a shed during the winter.

Now you're ready for a summer of alfresco. Read more barbecue tips, or shop for barbecues and outdoor eating.

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