How to Brighten up Your Garden

How to Brighten up Your Garden

As the winter begins to disappear it is time to rid yourself of that dull look and brighten up your garden. Not everyone has a large garden, it might just be a back yard, but it is no reason not to bring colour and glamour to your outside space. If there is no space for a lawn or borders then why not look at have a nice patio area with potted plants to bring a splash of colour. Garden ornaments are amazing and add character to your outdoor space. They can be made from wood, metal or concrete in all shapes, sizes and colours. Think about a theme that you can add to over the years.

How to Start Bringing Your Garden up to Scratch

March is the perfect time to bring your garden up to scratch. Firstly, a sweeping brush is needed to sweep up the winter debris and leaves and for those with a garden, start a compost heap. If your garden has paving stones or a concrete yard then a brilliant way to remove any green moss and dirt is to clean it with a power jet. This can be bought relatively cheap or hired if only used occasionally. Be prepared to wear your Wellington boots along with a waterproof coat and glasses. It is powerful and can force loose stones into the air. Now the main cleaning is done you can move onto the next stage of bringing your outside space to life.  

How to Choose Ornaments

There are some fabulous places to purchase your ornaments such as garden centres and nurseries. A popular theme is animal orientated. There are wonderful life like ornaments including frogs, snails, squirrels, dogs and cats to name just a few. Animals love a garden so why not have your own animal friendly garden. Birds are another great source of amusement with some having sound effects when you walk past them. With a few potted plants to add to the variety you will have a truly fascinating area. It is easy to maintain and change as your mood dictates over the coming years.

Lighting up Your Garden Area

Having chosen a theme for your garden area how about thinking about lighting it up at night. Lights come in all shapes and sizes without the need for electrics. They can be battery or solar powered in an assortment of colours that are static or alternating. Bringing your outdoors to life at night is so relaxing and satisfying. Strings of lights can be entwined around bushes with beautiful colours showing off the shapes and colours. Post lights can be lined along paving stones, wall lights in different shapes and sizes give off an amazing light. Security lighting not only brightens up the area it brings with it a sense of safety and with a built-in sensor will automatically light up the area as soon as you walk outside.

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