How You Can Install A Handy Garden Shed In 3 Easy Steps

How You Can Install A Handy Garden Shed In 3 Easy Steps

Garden sheds are an excellent way of storing garden tools, patio furniture, hose pipes and many more items that would benefit from protection from the elements. They come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the space available and what you want to use it for. You can find them with or without windows, with double or single doors and with or without floors. The first job is to decide which type of shed would suit your wants and needs.

1.Deciding on the right flooring and base for your accommodating new shed

Foundations for any kind of built structure are extremely important. Just think “Leaning Tower Of Pisa”. A shed may be installed on flat earth, but this will make it very damp, cold and dusty. The superior base for a shed is a concrete one to which the structure can be bolted down to, but a more economical paved base over gravel would work well too. If you have decided to purchase a shed with a base included, then the ground will need to be levelled and some plastic insulation laid to stop damp and weeds from entering the structure.

2.Get organised by checking and sorting out all your numbered panels, boards and fixings

Most garden sheds come in compact packaging and are supplied with all the locks, handles and screws that are necessary for a quick, hassle-free installation. These all need to be checked and laid out before the fun part can begin. Although garden sheds come with a coat of wood preservative, it is a good idea to apply another coat, to ensure against wood rot and insect infestation, before you begin the assembly. Fetch all the tools that are required and have them all on standby.

3.Now you are ready to effortlessly piece together your fine looking new garden shed

It is a good idea to enlist the help of a friend for this job as some of the panels may be a little bit heavy or need an extra pair of hands to help hold in place. When reading instruction manuals, two minds always work better than one. You will find that these kind of garden sheds are quite easy to put together, with simple, illustrated instruction sheets that should not take up the whole day in order to erect. With the help of a few power tools, these kinds of small garden sheds should be up in no time.

Pop down to your local garden centre to see a fantastic array of smart looking sheds

Garden Centres have an incredible range of garden sheds, gravel and sometimes pavers that are suitable to construct exactly what you are looking for. Their teams of trained staff, who have extensive knowledge regarding these products, will be able to help and advise you as to which type and sized shed would suit your individual requirements. Don't be intimidated, most tasks like these are easier than you think. Have a go, visit a garden centre today or try compare garden sheds online!

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