Fill Your Garden With Glorious Colour By Sowing Annual Flowers This Summer

Fill Your Garden With Glorious Colour By Sowing Annual Flowers This Summer

This summer, why not try growing some annual flowers directly from seed? You will be surprised how simple and rewarding it is to sow seeds and watch them turn into an abundance of colourful, fragrant blooms. Annual flowers can be sown into seed trays until they become established, or directly into the ground. There are many different types of annuals that can be planted at different times throughout the summer to give you continuous colour right up until the autumn.

What is the difference between hardy and half-hardy annual flowers

An annual flower is a flowering plant that is grown from seed and will flower, make seeds and die all in one year. Hardy annual flowers may be sown straight into the ground in early spring and can survive some frosts. Half hardy annual flowers need to be sown into the warmer soil once the last frosts have finished but may be started off earlier in a greenhouse. Biannual flowers are sown in the ground and will produce flowers the following year. As most of us do not have the patience for these flowers to dazzle us with their blooms, they are not as widely grown as annuals.

Sowing annual flowers can be very cost effective and give you riots of colour

There is nothing more gratifying than sowing a seed, watching it grow and reaping the benefits. It was a task that our ancestors had to do to survive and stirs something in all of us. Seeds are relatively cheap to buy when you consider a number of flowers they produce that may be used in the garden to wow your friends, or cut and brought inside to brighten up your home. There are hundreds of seeds to choose from in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Your local garden centre will stock a huge range of annual seeds and their friendly staff will be able to help and advise you on how to get the best results.

Here is how to sow annual flowers quickly and easily for a fabulous, colourful summer garden 

Prepare the seed bed by giving it a good digging and then raking out any debris. Leave the soil to settle for a few days and then by using your forefinger or a cane, mark out a shallow 1cm seed drill. These shallow drills should be set between 5 and 8cm apart depending on the size of the flowers that you have chosen to grow. Empty the contents of the seed packet into the palm of your hand and then take a small pinch of seed and sprinkle it along the drill. Lightly cover the seeds, and water well. Once the seedlings come through in their line you will easily be able to remove any weeds that will show and once the plants have grown they will not look regimented.

If you feed your annual flowers they will reward you with more healthy blooms

A granular plant fertiliser can be sprinkled around the stems of the flowers for fantastic results and more flowers. If you visit your local garden centre, you will find a wide range of fertilisers specially designed for annual flowers. They also stock a wide variety of flower seeds and garden tools that will enable you to have a go at this very rewarding project.

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