Create A Tasty Bean Teepee For Your Children To Play And Hide In

Create A Tasty Bean Teepee For Your Children To Play And Hide In

You can easily create a lush bean teepee in order to allow young imaginations to flourish out in the garden and introduce children to the joys of gardening. Not only will the bean teepee provide a magical, secret hidey-hole, you will also get a stunning show of bright flowers, gorgeous green foliage and a healthy, tasty bean harvest.

Here's how to get your vibrant bean teepee started

A bean teepee will provide you with a fabulous, easy grow vegetable, with a tasty, nutritional crop that could fill your freezer this summer. They may be sown indoors from April to get a head start, or directly into the ground once the frost has finished from May till July. Decide where your teepee is to be erected, ideally a semi-shaded spot with around 5 hours of sunshine, and then give the soil a good digging over, adding some organic manure and leave it to settle down for a few days.

Any lightweight pole can be used for the bean teepee frame

To make the bean teepee frame you will need 6 – 10 lightweight poles and some string or rope to firmly tie them together. There are many suitable materials, bamboo is a popular choice as it is strong and flexible. You can make the bean teepee as big as you like. The poles will need to be at least 24 inches apart and ideally tall enough so that a small child could comfortably stand up inside and have some room to move around. Push the poles at an angle into the ground around the diameter of the bean teepee and tie them at the top where they meet.

Getting the bean plants off to a great start for a bumper bean teepee crop

Beans grow very well in the UK as they prefer colder climates and love lots of water. Our beans can be set in May, once the frosts have completely finished, and will need about a week to germinate. They should be set on each side of the bean teepee poles at a depth of around 2 inches. Once the plants are big enough to handle you can tie them onto the canes and they will look after themselves from there onwards. When the beautiful flowers appear they will need watering well and a plant feed every 15 days. By pinching the tops of the small plants, they will bush out and provide more coverage.

Here are 7 tips for a bean bonanza this summer

  1. Runner beans need loads of water
  2. Pick, pick and pick! The more you pick the more beans they will produce
  3. Protect your small seedlings from slugs by covering with plastic water bottles
  4. Once the runners reach the top of the bean teepee pinch the tops so that they will branch out below
  5. Buy orange and white flowing bean varieties for a colourful mixture
  6. Feed the bean teepee with liquid tomato food every 2 – 3 weeks
  7. Plant some insect attracting flowers nearby as the bean teepee will need pollinating 

How do I start to make my own delicious bean teepee

That is the easy part! Your local garden centre will be able to help and advise you on the different bean varieties that would suit your individual needs. They also have the canes, compost and tomato feed that will make sure that you can create an amazing, fun playhouse for your kids or grandchildren to play during the warm summer days to come.

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