Brighten Up A Dull Space With A Beautiful Climbing Plant

Brighten Up A Dull Space With A Beautiful Climbing Plant

Climbing plants can work wonders in a tired looking garden to add some height and colour to borders or to cover up an ugly structure. They can be trained to grow along fences, make stunning arches and cover plain looking walls. They come in every kind of colour, from perennials to fast growing annuals with pretty coloured flowers. Depending on what your needs are, you can find the perfect plant either to grow in the ground or in a nice large container on a patio.

You will have to choose your climbing plant depending on where it will be positioned

Climbing plants will naturally cling to a support and make their way upwards as it is in their nature to do so. Climbing shrubs can also perform in this manner but will need to be tied to supports and will need careful pruning to ensure that they do not bush out. Once you have established where you would like your climbing plant to grow, then you can go about choosing the perfect plant for this spot to get the best possible results from your plant.

Find the perfect climbing plant for your needs

There are thousands of climbing plants to choose from and a trip down to your local gardening centre is a great idea for inspiration and to get some free growing advice from the staff there who will be able to help you choose the perfect climbing plant for the space that you have. Remember that a gorgeous flowering annual climber may not be able to grow up against a shady wall or fence so these are all important factors that must be considered when you are choosing your climbing plant for the garden.

Here are some of the most popular flowering annual climbing plants

  • These annual climbing plants are fast growers that will add a wonderful, fast splash of colour to your garden.
  • The Canary Creeper produces yellow fringed, bright flowers
  • The Purple Bell Vine will provide tubular dark red to purple flowers
  • The Nasturtium has long-spurred red, orange and yellow flowers
  • The Scarlet Runner Bean has scarlet small flowers and edible pods too
  • The Common Morning Glory has trumpet style purple and cerise flowers
  • The Sweet Pea has bicoloured magenta and purple flowers
  • Some climbing plants can have benefits too

A climbing plant that has been chosen to climb up a wall can not only enhance a building but also provide some insulation too. Be careful not to plant those kinds of Ivy that can cause structural damage over time to a building or make sure that a trellis is in place for the plant to cling to. It is a good idea if you are choosing a plant to cover a building to check first at your local garden centre to get some professional advice and avoid causing any costly damage to your home. You can also find inspiration and great looking containers to plant your climbing plants into if you have limited space. 

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