Add Aromatic Lavender to Your Garden to Welcome Bees

Add Aromatic Lavender to Your Garden to Welcome Bees

British gardens have always had lavender at the top of their list as an attractive, aromatic flowering herb that is widely loved by people and bees alike. If you want a beautiful flowering garden during the summer then you will need bees and butterflies to visit and pollinate your flowers. Lavender is the perfect plant to encourage them to visit and aid your flowers and vegetables. It is a perfect plant to line borders or can be grown to form a very attractive hedge. It is a great plant for a container as it loves nice well drained soil. You will be rewarded with masses of beautiful purple flowers that have many uses. Lavendar is a great way to attract bees to your garden.

How can I make the most of my lavender plant?

Lavender is known for its sleep and relaxing properties and is also a fantastic moth deterrent. Here are a few ways to make the most from your lavender harvest.

  • Lavender flowers can make beautiful fragrant bouquets around your home
  • The flowers can be dried and put in sachets to fragrance draws and wardrobes
  • Lavender can be used to enhance the flavours of drinks, biscuits and chocolate
  • Crush fresh lavender flowers and use them as an insect repellent for your skin on summer evenings
  • Mix with Epsom salt and create a wonderful relaxing bath
  • Make lavender oil by crushing fresh flowers with a wooden mallet and adding to a carrier oil  
  • Sprinkle lavender oil onto your pillow at night for a deep relaxing sleep

What type of lavender is best to grow?

There are many different kinds of lavender that will happily grown in the UK but there are two main types that are most widely grown and thrive in our climate. The first one is Lavandula Stoechas, otherwise known as French Lavender. This kind requires a nice warm sunny spot to thrive and will tolerate slightly acidic soil. The second one is Lavandula x Intermedia known as English Lavender. This is ideal for slightly cooler areas with slightly acidic soils.

Is lavender an easy plant to grow?

As long as you provide a well drained soil and plenty of water and sunshine in the summer then lavender is not a hard plant to grow. It will need some space between the next plant if you are growing a hedge in order for it to breathe properly. It will grow equally well in a container on a patio but will need quite a large pot as it has long deep roots. You can feed the plants during the growing season with a nice nitrogen rich seaweed plant feed for spectacular results.

Keep your lavender in shape with a simple pruning

Lavender should be pruned once a year to keep the shape nice and encourage optimum growth. You can do this after the plant has flowered in late summer or during the spring to encourage new growth. About 2.5cm can be snipped off the plants, leaving enough greenery in place. Garden centres have a wide variety of lavender plants and gorgeous pots that you can plant them in. Remember that lavender does much better when planted as a plant as opposed to growing from seed, so pop down your local garden centre for some advice on which lavender plant would best suit your space. 

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