Potted Gardens Are A Great Way To Enjoy Flowers And Vegetables When Your Space Is Limited

Potted Gardens Are A Great Way To Enjoy Flowers And Vegetables When Your Space Is Limited

Potted gardens have been around since ancient times for practical reasons as well as aesthetic purposes. Years gone by, our forefathers would gather plants that were needed to be used for medicines or for cooking and place them close to the homestead in order to have quick access to them. This saved them having to walk miles to gather their favourites. Man has always loved the idea of conquering and controlling nature. Flowers can bring us so much joy too. What is nicer than walking outside and being greeted by a beautifully sculptured pot full of coloured blooms?

Choosing containers for a stunning potted garden

Gone are the days of plain terracotta pots as the only choice of plant pot material for a potted garden. Today there are thousands of different materials used to create pots of all different shapes and sizes. There are a few important things to consider before choosing a suitable container though. Here we look at some of the most popular kinds of materials commonly used for garden containers.

Here are some helpful tips to consider before buying containers for your potted garden

  • When choosing classic terracotta, make sure that the pot is big enough for the plants that you wish to plant and that it is frost proof to avoid cracking. 
  • Metal containers will rust unless they have been powder coated, painted with a water resistant paint or galvanised. 
  • Wooden planters and containers look great but make sure that they have been treated with a preservative to avoid insect infestation and wood rot. 
  • Plastic and fibreglass containers need to be safe for outside use otherwise the sun's ultraviolet light will crack them.

The correct potting soil will get your potted garden off to a roaring start

Once you have found the right containers for your potted garden, the next step is to fill them with the correct mix of soil and compost to enable the plants to flourish. Ready mixed soils have all the nutrients that new plants will need for a great start in life. Some slow release fertilizer may also be added for better results. Drainage holes must be just the right size to avoid valuable soil from escaping. They are essential as there are very few plants that will thrive in a waterlogged environment.

What should I plant in my potted garden?

Why, your favourites, of course! Most species of plants will happily grow in a container. The trick is to make sure that the container is large enough for the plant that you have chosen. Another important thing to remember is the positioning of the pots. It's a good idea to position large heavy pots before you fill them and of course depending on the species and what kind of conditions it prefers. The choices of plants that you can plant are limitless.

Garden centres have everything that you need to get your potted garden started

Your local garden centre will have a large array of different kinds of planters to suit your individual taste and needs. There you can also get lots of helpful information from friendly staff who are always happy to show you some excellent plants and vegetables that can thrive in your potted garden.

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