Get Ready To Prune Early Flowering Shrubs For A Stunning Show Next Spring

Get Ready To Prune Early Flowering Shrubs For A Stunning Show Next Spring

Knowing when to prune early flowering shrubs is the secret to achieving a splendid show of flowers in your garden next spring. Shrubs are a great way of adding structure and colour to your garden and when you take proper care of them they will reward you with a dashing array of shapes and colour that can brighten up your garden space in early spring. The correct time to prune these early flowering shrubs is right after they have flowered, usually during the month of June, depending on the area that you live in.

Why do I need to prune early flowering shrubs now?

You will get the best results next year when you prune early flowering shrubs now because these kinds of plants produce their blooms on the previous years growth. Once the shrubs have finished their flowering cycle they will begin to produce new growth with buds that will become next year's flowers. By pruning early flowering spring shrubs now, you will allow the plant to recover and to have produced enough new growth during the summer months upon which next years flowers will bloom.

Here are some of Britain's favourite early flowering spring shrubs

Your local garden centre will have a huge variety of early flowering shrubs for you to see and purchase and can advise you on the best types of shrubs that will suit the soil and climate of the area that you reside in. Here are just a few of the most popular

  • Forsythia
  • Weigela
  • Neillia
  • Prunus triloba
  • Ibes
  • Kerria
  • Lilacs
  • Chokeberry
  • Mock Orange
  • Honeysuckle

It is quick and easy to prune early flowering shrubs 

Each type of early flowering shrub is different, but as a rule most plants will need any damaged or diseased wood removed. You can cut any such stems back to the healthy part or to the ground level. If the plant has become crowded it will not grow as well so remove any stems that are growing too close together to allow light and air to circulate within the centre of the plant. Any dry or weak-looking stems can be removed so that the shrub can concentrate its energies on any new strong shoots that are already growing to provide the best flowers next year.

Pruning early flowering shrubs  allows you to check for nasty diseases

By checking your plants now for bracket fungi, coral spot and verticillium wilt you can deal with it promptly to allow the plant to recover and get back on track for next spring. At your local garden centre, trained staff are always on hand to provide you with help and advice on how to combat these problems and will have all the remedies that you may need in order to restore your early flowering shrubs back to full health. They can also show you some great new additions that you may want to add to your garden to give it a burst of colour next spring.

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