Make The Most Of Your Garden Space By Adding A Summer House

Make The Most Of Your Garden Space By Adding A Summer House

During the 19th and 20th centuries, the British love of gardening led to people wanting to spend more time in the beautiful, outdoor spaces that they had created. Considering all the hard work that can go into a garden, isn't it time that you added a summer house so that you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather? They come in various shapes and styles and do not require planning permission as long as a few rules are adhered to.

By adding a summer house you can entertain regardless of the weather

Isn't it awful when the BBQ, that you have planned for weeks in order to fit into your guests' busy schedules, has to be moved inside because of the unpredictable British weather? Summer houses are a great way to enjoy al fresco dining, with a bit of protection from the elements, whilst still giving you the feeling of being outside. They come in all shapes and sizes and with or without windows and doors. If you buy a larger one, you can fit a good sized table and chairs in and create a useful outside living space.

You can create a hobby room in the garden by adding a summer house

Summer houses are perfect spaces to enjoy hobbies and crafts that sometimes need the extra space that you may not have in your home. The worst thing about crafting in the home is having to pack everything up when you are still in the middle of doing something. By adding a summer house you could finish your projects in your own time whilst enjoying your garden and the surrounding nature. They are ideal to use as a home office in the warm weather or as a place to escape from other family members and enjoy a quiet drink.

Improve the look of your garden by adding a summer house

Interior design is not just for inside the home nowadays, most people want to utilise all the available space at home and more of us are looking outside to create gorgeous places in which to relax and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. There are many different designs of summer house, from smart corner ones to heptagonal shapes that look more pleasing to the eye. You can create a decking area around your summer house if you have a large enough garden, so that you don't feel as though you are always sitting outside of your home. 

Adding a summer house doesn't have to be expensive

You can find second-hand summer houses on market websites and spruce them up by giving them a nice wood stain finish and adding hanging baskets, or smart pots and planters filled with beautiful summer flowers. Local garden centres have wide ranges of summerhouses and outdoor log cabins on display at very reasonable prices. You'll also find wood stains and treatments for your structure and those gorgeous flowering plants to finish it all off. 

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