How to keep your garden chemical free?

How to keep your garden chemical free?

One of garden trends in 2017 is to keep your garden chemical free. This is not only better for your own health -especially when having a vegetable garden this is a good reason to consider a garden that’s chemical free- but also for the environment as a whole and your garden’s health. Hence, we listed some useful tips for those considering a chemical free garden. You’ll discover that it is easier than it sounds!  


Stop using chemicals

The first thing to do when you want a chemical free garden, is to simply quit using chemicals. After all, using chemicals on bad bugs will kill good bugs too, which is not too good for your garden ecosystem anyway! Also, in gardens were no chemicals are used, most bad bug infestations are self-limiting. {Ads.getFor(‘’GCG UK News message’’)|raw}}


Keep the garden orderly instead of synthetic

In order to reduce the chances of diseases in your garden -and with that, the need to use chemicals-, keep it orderly! Additionally, you’ll reduce the food supply for slugs and snails by keeping everything tidy. As soon as something is dead, remove it and clean and put old pots away from your garden.


It’s all about diversity

Boost your garden ecosystem by creating a divers garden. It does not only look boring when a garden has a lot of the same plants, but it also makes it very attractive for the bugs that you didn’t wish to invite. The more divers your garden, the less of the same bad bugs will be attracted to it.


Cherish the good bugs

Keep the garden chemical free with good bugsBesides bad bugs, there are also bugs that do no harm in your garden. In fact, you need some bugs for plants to grow. However, good bugs do not only take care of your plants, they can also fight the bad bugs like snails, aphids and mealy bugs. If you think you don’t have (enough) good bugs, you can also buy them at garden centres!


Choose wisely so there is no need for chemicals

When going for new plants, choose wisely! Know the background of the plant, is it a plant that attracts a lot of insects or diseases? If yes, you know you don’t want it anymore. Almost everything can be found online! Meanwhile, you will also be able to find out which plants attract the good bugs for which you might want to decide to buy these.


Birds are the new chemicals

Chemical free garden pondWhat do birds eat? Exactly, they can be your best friend! Besides that, it is nice to see different kind of birds in your garden. Simply make use of a little pond or water ornament and they’ll come and help you get rid of your insects.  

Let them stick

Another way of removing unwanted visitors is to use sticky wraps, which can be bought or homemade. If you want to do the latter, make sure to use particular colours as for example. yellow, red, white and blue all attract different garden pests. To make it easier to abolish insects, use a plastic wrap of bag.

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