What to do in the garden in August?

What to do in the garden in August?

Each month requires a different set of tasks for you to keep your garden orderly, healthy and cosy. And so we want to help you out by outlining what needs to happen in August.


The garden in August

Although August is often a warm month, the growth and blooming or most plants have gradually declined this month. So first of all, enjoy the last summer days in your garden! However, it is also important to put some extra effort in your garden, especially when you are planning to go on holiday soon.

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Garden lawn in AugustThe garden lawn in August

  • mow the grass regularly and tune the knives depending on the weather. During hot and dry days you can keep the grass a little longer. Adjusting the knives will prevent you from burning the lawn. During warm days, wait until the evening before you start mowing, this is better for the grass. This way, you also prevent the grass from burning due to the sun;
  • also sprinkle the lawn in the evening. This to prevent fast evaporation of the water. Also, it is better to sprinkle once a week for a couple of hours, than 15 minutes each day;
  • treat the lawn with fertilizer at least once this month. Do this on a day when rain is expected, so it will be well absorbed.


The garden pond in August

  • in case the pond is suffering from rapidly evaporating water, then buy some high water plants to give the pond some more shade. Add water regularly;
  • if the water in the pond is turbid, it may be possible that there is not enough oxygen present, oxygen plants and/or water fleas will solve this problem.


Sunflower seedsThe garden plantation in August

  • remove bloomed flowers to prevent the plants from putting energy in seed production;
  • in case you have sunflowers, they will need a lot of water and nutrition this month;
  • bind large sunflowers to sticks so they cannot be blown away by the wind;
  • harvest the seeds of bloomed flowers and allow the seeds to dry for a few days in place with shade. Keep them in a fark and dry place at home in case you want to reuse these. For sunflowers, you can also feed the pips to the birds.


Pruning the garden in august

  • Blackberry plantprune the conifers hedge twice this month. During pruning, make sure that the hedge on the upper side becomes smaller. That way, the lower branches will get enough light as well;
  • prune the berries and blackberries after harvesting. All branches that carried fruit in the past year may be cut back to the ground;
  • cut out the blown roses.

Most of all.. Enjoy! August is a beautiful month and should also be partially considered as a holiday when it comes to gardening. So, rather than putting a lot of effort in your garden during this sunny month, keep in mind that sitting back and relaxing is also one of your tasks!


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