When Is The Right Time To Harvest My Apples?

When Is The Right Time To Harvest My Apples?

It is not always clear when the right time is to harvest apples. The harvest times can vary in different parts of the country depending on the type of apple tree that you have. This is why it is important to know which variety of apple your tree produces. The Discovery variety is a very popular eating apple grown in the UK. It is ready for harvesting towards the end of August. Compare that to another popular one, Braeburn which ripens in the beginning of November and you can see a difference in harvesting times of around 9 weeks.


Learn the variety of apple and you will know when to harvest your apples

With some research, you will be able to learn the approximate time of year that your particular variety of apple ripens and will be ready to harvest in your area. If the tree blooms later than usual, then the harvest time can be delayed accordingly. Sometimes a bad summer can cause apples to ripen a little later. If you do not know the variety of your apple tree then you will have to go by experience. As a rule, try and remember the date when the first ripe apples fell from the tree and start to check for ripeness 2 weeks before that date.


The ripeness test before the apples can be harvested

Cup an apple in the palm of your hand and twist it slightly to see if it comes away from the tree. If apples start to drop from the tree then they are ripe. Some varieties of apple can ripen all at once, within a week, while others can ripen over the course of a month. It is important not to assume that just because one apple is ripe that they all are. Usually as a guide you must know that the apples on the top of the tree will ripen first, then the ones in the sun as opposed to the ones in the shade. The apples on the outside of the tree will ripen before the ones on the inside.


Here are some popular tree varieties and the times of year to harvest their apples

Granny Smith

These trees usually flower in the second week of May. You should be able to harvest the apples in early November.

Cox's Orange Pippin

Another UK favourite that blossoms on average during the third week in May. The fruit will be ready from the first two weeks of October.

Golden Delicious

These apple trees tend to blossom in the third week of May and may be harvested around the third week of October.


The Discovery apple tree blossoms during the second week of May and the fruit should be ripe during the last week of August.

Worcester Pearmain

These trees blossom on average in the first week of May and may be harvested around the second week in September.

You can buy apple trees at all good local garden centres and learn about taking care of them and when they may be harvested. The above examples are just a few of the beloved British apple tree varieties that have been cultivated in Britain for more than a thousand years.

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