Fill your home with huge flower trumpet amaryllis blooms

Fill your home with huge flower trumpet amaryllis blooms

Amaryllis blooms bring joy during the winter

Amaryllis blooms are usually associated with the winter holidays when their stunning blooms give us a spectacular large, trumpet shaped flower in the depths of winter. In order to enjoy a stunning display over the festive season, amaryllis bulbs need to be planted by October. They may also be planted in the new year for a gorgeous spring show. They are native to South America and belong to the amaryllis family of bulbs that include snowflakes, snowdrops and daffodils.


Here's how to cultivate amaryllis blooms for a stunning indoor show

Choose a stylish pot to house your amaryllis blooms as it will be part of your home décor. Make sure that the container is not too big as too much compost will encourage leaf growth as opposed to all the energy from the bulb going into the flower. The bulb should be planted in well drained potting compost and submerged so that half of the bulb is showing. It can be kept in a warm, dark place until it show signs of growth. Once it starts to grow you should place it in its flowering position which should have lots of light and be warm.



How to take care of your amaryllis blooms

Make sure that the plant has plenty of heat as a change in temperature could stop the growing process, as these are tropical plants. Remember not to let the plant dry out and to give it a nice feed of tomato food every 10 days. Once you have enjoyed the first amaryllis flowers you can cut the stem back to the bulb and it may flower again. When it has finished flowering the leaves will begin to grow more but keep it fed and watered at this stage so that it can fill up with energy for the following year. 

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