The benefits of collecting rainwater to use around your garden

The benefits of collecting rainwater to use around your garden

Collecting rainwater to water your plants with will take pressure off water companies who struggle to keep up with demand during the summertime. Water companies have the most difficulty meeting the demand for water during the hot dry spells of the summertime or in windy conditions. During average household water consumption, only 3% of water is used around the garden. This rises, however, during hot spells, when the demand for water used in gardens rises to 70% of consumption. To keep up with supply, water companies deplete ground supplies and streams that can cause environmental damage.



Collecting rainwater will help your plants during the dry summer months

Most of the annual rainfall falls during the wintertime in the UK. Many people choose to collect and store this free water source in water butts to use when water is in short supply. Between the months of May and September, there are around eighteen weeks when a garden will not have its watering needs met by rainfall alone. A lot more waterfalls every year than can be collected. To catch and store the average amount of UK rainfall every year you would need 180 water butts!. There is hope that new buildings could have large underwater tanks built to possibly store and use rainwater around the house and garden.


How easy is collecting rainwater to use in the garden?

It's simple! Tonnes of rainwater fall from our rooftops, garden sheds, greenhouses and garages every year. When a guttering system is fitted along the edge of a building, not only can the downpipe be directed into a water collecting container, but your house can be saved from structural damage that water can cause. You can buy rainwater kits that divert water so that it may be collected from closed drainpipes.


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