Pruning your roses in the autumn

Pruning your roses in the autumn

Pruning your roses in the Autumn will ensure that you can enjoy another season of beautiful flowers next summer. During their rapid summer growth rose bushes can become very top heavy and be prone to wind rock which is when the plant's roots are not strong enough to anchor the plant firmly in the ground. By reducing the weight of the plant by pruning your roses before the winter weather sets in, they will be able to survive the winter and be properly pruned in the spring.


All kind of roses will benefit when your prune your roses every year

There are thousands of different varieties of rose bushes to choose from. The best way to choose a rose bush for your garden is to find the right bush for the place in your garden that you have allocated for it. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Madame Alfred Carriere will do very well against a shady north wall
  • Banksiae Lutea grows well near a sunny sheltered wall
  • Paul's Himalayan Musk is the perfect rose for climbing into trees
  • Pink Perpute is a great rose to train up pillars
  • Glauca has very attractive foliage
  • Geranium moyesii hybrid will provide beautiful rose hips
  • Gertrude Jekyll Ausbord are bountiful in fragrance and flowers



Pruning your roses is easy and does not take much time

When you decide to prune your roses choose a bright dry day to get the maximum enjoyment from being outside in your garden. Remove any dying flowers that will rot and cause your rose bush harm but leave the rose hips to brighten up your garden during the winter. Check your bushes for signs of disease and dispose of any diseased matter so that the plant will not become re-infected. Remove diseased, fallen leaves that can carry the disease over into spring.

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