3 things to consider before starting a balcony garden

3 things to consider before starting a balcony garden

Your balcony has the potential to be a pretty, relaxing little ornamental corner of your house. It isn’t too difficult starting your own balcony garden. It can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. You can invest in some balcony furniture, container choices and plants to make your balcony come to life. Depending on the kind of space your balcony offers and the lighting it receives, you can play around with various options. If you have decorated your balcony with sufficient plants, you can transform this space into a microclimate that is and feels separate from the climate on the ground. When you spend some time on a well-maintained balcony, you will feel rejuvenated thanks to the oxygen producing plants around and a pleasant temperature in your balcony.

No matter what kind of balcony you have, you can make something beautiful out of it. If you are starting your own balcony garden, here are some things to consider:


1. How spacious your balcony is

Don’t get it wrong. No matter how small of a balcony you have, you can still have a garden in it. Even homes without a garden manage to maintain a garden along the windowsills and fire escapes. Considering the space that the balcony offers opens up various options according to the three-dimensional space available. For example, if there are vertical spaces, you can use hang planters. The ground space available can help you comprehend what kind of plants to have and where to place them. If there is still room, you can go for some seating as well.


2. How windy it gets

The plants you choose for your balcony may also be vulnerable to wind. Some may thrive in windy conditions while others will curl up and die. If your balcony experiences some serious winds, growing fragile plants isn’t impossible. There are some tricks you can do. You can have larger plants placed in front to act as windbreaks to protect the fragile plants placed inwards. You can also protect your fragile plants in low pots on the floor for added protection. The wind basically damages the plants by drying them out. So, in order to counter that, you will have to water the plants frequently or bypass the hassle by installing a drip irrigation system or having a self-watering pot.


3. How hot it gets

Don’t make the amateur mistake of assessing how hot it can get in your balcony and cram it with plants to later wonder why they won’t survive. Balconies can get very hot and if yours does, you have to be very selective with the kind of plants you are going to have out there because not all plants can handle that kind of heat. If you are looking to grow your own vegetables, make sure your balcony does not get searing hot since vegetables like lettuce do not do well in extreme heat. If it does get hot, you can use beautiful succulents for decoration.

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