7 Annual Flowering Plants You Can Grow This Spring

7 Annual Flowering Plants You Can Grow This Spring

Every homeowner wants to grow beautiful plants in their garden. However, when it comes to choosing the plants, many people end up don’t have the right knowledge and thus, end up selecting the wrong kind of plants!

Summer annual plants mature by the autumn season of the same year. So, it’s best to plant them during the early spring. If you’re wondering about the plants suitable for you, here’s a brief guide to help you choose the right annual flowers:


1. Osteospermum

Osteospermum or African daisy is your go-to option for spring gardening. The colourful plants enhance the appeal of your garden. They thrive in warmer areas. However, they’re likely to wither in extremely hot weather condition. So, don’t forget to use a shade to protect the plants from the scorching heat of summer.


2. Calendula

Calendula is the top choice of gardeners when it comes to spring flowers. These plants are available in a variety of colours. They grow well in shaded areas and need plenty of water to stay healthy. You can also grow these plants in planters and keep them indoors.


3. Yellow Trillium

Yellow trillium plant is the ultimate choice of gardeners during the spring season. It’s suitable for beginner gardeners as you don’t need much effort to take good care of these plants.They’ve yellow and white flowers that blossom during April. Furthermore, its marbled leaves are another remarkable sight to watch.



4. Flowering Kale

Although most kale plants have edible leaves, the flowering variety isn’t suitable for eating purpose. These plants have blue, green, rose, purple, and cream coloured flowers that start to blossom during the spring season. These plants can survive in hot weather conditions, so you won't lose your plants during the summers.


5. Snapdragons

Snapdragon plants are available in tall as well as dwarf varieties. So, you can easily grow these plants in your front garden or decorate your patio and indoor space with these plants growing in plant pots. These flowers are so bright and attractive that they’ll stand out from the other annual and perennial plants in your garden.


6. Cyclamen

If you like plants with big leaves and flowers, then you should go for cyclamen. These plants have crown-like flowers in rose, white, red, and lavender colours. Moreover, their heart-shaped leaves alone can impact the overall look of your entire garden.

These plants like the warm weather; however, it’s best to provide them partial shade for better growth. Also, don’t forget to water the plants regularly to keep them healthy.


7. Dusty Miller

Nothing can beat the unique look of dusty miller when it comes to annual flowering plants. These plants have curved leaves that need at least six hours of direct sunlight every day. The bright flowers blossom during the mid-spring and continue to brighten your garden till the arrival of the autumn season. These plants are also resistant to drought and pest infestation.


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