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Formulated from a blend of plant and fish oils, Organic 2 in 1 is an effective, 100% organic, treatment against the eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults stages of over 25 soft bodied insects including: - Aphids - Rust mites - Leaf rollers - Mealy bugs - Scale insects - Spider mites - Thrips and Whiteflies Uses: - It can be safely used on most ornamental, fruit, salad and vegetable plants It also provides effective control of some fungal diseases including powdery mildew and black spot on roses and helminthosporium and grease spot on citrus plants. Application: - Organic 2 in 1 concentrate should be mixed with water and applied as a fine spray covering both sides of the foliage - Some persistent insects may require three or more treatments at weekly intervals until the infestation is under control - Thereafter Organic 2 in 1 can be used as a monthly preventative spray

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