Dennerle Nano Style LED - 6 Watt (for 10-30 litre aquariums)

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Image of Dennerle Nano Style LED - 6 Watt (for 10-30 litre aquariums)
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EAN code: 651023
The Dennerle Nano Style LED light provides a bright, yet natural light for your aquarium. With its realistic 'sunshine' effect it not only benefits your plants and fish, but also recreates the colours of an underwater environment. The long lasting Osram LEDs and simple installation make this aquarium lighting extremely user-friendly. Fish, plants and decorations need light to look good and flourish, but some light sources end up looking garish and spoiling the look. The Nano Style LED plug-in light from Dennerle ensures the perfect lighting for your aquarium. It provides an optimal light intensity with natural colour reproduction and creates and excellent spotlight for your fish to enjoy. Your aquarium and its inhabitants will be basked in a wonderful sunshine effect with a colour temperature of 6500 K. Since the light is powered by a mains plug, it is easy to install and simply clips to aquarium glass (4-5mm). Equipped with long-life Osram LEDs the light is guaranteed to last and with its low voltage, it's also safe. As is the case with all Dennerle accessories it combines function and modern style. With 500 lumens the LED light is designed for mini aquariums between 10 to 30 litres. Dennerle Nano Style LED at a glance Attachable LED light for freshwater mini aquariums with a capacity of 10-30 litres, with a glass thickness of 4-5mm Easy installation with a simple clip-on Ideal light for growth: for the best development for your aquarium's plants and animals Natural colour and optimal light intensity: recreates the natural colour scheme of an underwater environment Sunlight effect:for a lively lighting installation Long-lasting: high-quality Osram LEDs with a long life Technical Information: Low voltage:for added safety Light temperature: 6500 Kelvin Light current: 500 lumens Power consumption: 6 Watt – LED Module: 4.5 Watt Number of LEDs: 1 Angle of beam: 120° Protection class: 3 Lifespan: 50,000 operating hours Attachment: Clip-on Included: light and plug in power supply Dimensions: 50 x 85 x 170 mm (L x W x H) LED module Please note: This device is designed for use in Germany and thus comes with a power adapter for use in the UK. What’s this?

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