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BLOG; Planting Garlic Bulbs

10 November 2010
BLOG; Planting Garlic Bulbs

Planting Garlic Now

Although we are into the latter part of Autumn there is still time to get late crops underway in the vegetable garden.  Garlic can be planted now, actively needing the cold period over winter to produce a good crop next year.  Choose varieties like Thermidrome & Printantor as they are proven to perform well in our UK gardens and unlike using left over supermarket cloves are less likely to become diseased.

When planting, push each glove deeply into prepared soil. Garlic is not terribly fussy about where it grows and will do equally well directly planted into traditional vegetable beds or raised containers.  The important thing is to ensure they are secure in the ground so that garden birds cannot pull them out whilst searching for food.  Garlic planted now should be ready to harvest towards late summer next year.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try planting giant garlic as this monster has a delicious flavour when gently roasted in the oven.

Paul Hervey-Brookes Plantsman & Garden Designer.