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What to do with an empty garden?

I think we can all agree that at one point in your life, you just stared out the window, looking at an empty garden and you were just wondering what went wrong. If you recognise yourself in this example it might be time to roll up your sleeves and get started. But what to do with an empty garden? Where do you start? How much energy are you willing to put into the garden? 

Where do I start?

There is no right or wrong way to start working in your garden. These few simple steps are what worked for me and might work for you too!

  • Think of what will be the main purpose of your garden. This could be dining, playing with children, organising parties or BBQ’s with friends and family and way more. This gives you a bit of a direction;
  • Now that you know your main purpose, you can find a certain style you like. Have a look at Pinterest and find some inspiration; 
  • Then it’s time to start looking for the right outdoor garden furniture. Knowing what style you prefer and what you’re using the garden for, you can start filtering and measuring what would fit and what wouldn’t;
  • Lastly you can spice the garden up a bit by decorating it. This will give some personality to the garden. 

Decoration inspiration 

There are a few extra things that every garden needs to have. Meaning, a BBQ, decorations on the fence (by preference very cheesy sayings) and one that most people forget.. a heater. A BBq is a must for sudden, unplanned moments on sunny days when no one wants to go inside to cook and you end up needing a good BBQ for a homemade garden dinner. Preferably a Weber gas BBQ, The prices vary a lot, depending on your wishes, this way there’s a right fit for everyone! When the day finally comes to an end and it starts to get chilly outside, the perfect way to stay warm is by hanging up a heater. Electric outdoor heaters are super easy to use, and very much needed in every garden. Staying outside till late has a very romantic feel to it, so why not extend it a little longer by creating the possibility to sit down and stay warm.