A Buyer's Guide to Garden Furniture

A Buyer's Guide to Garden Furniture

Buying a new piece of outdoor furniture can be fun. Really, really fun. But in order to avoid unnecessary returns and bad backs, you'll need to think about what you're buying before you just up and buy it! As the very best patient gardener would say: "Good things come to those who wait". And it really is true!

Like adding a new spin on an old classic, your garden furniture will need to fit in with its current surroundings whilst also bringing a new, lifestyle-type, breathe of fresh air. And the material it's constructed from should compliment your garden's design. When buying outdoor furniture sets it's safe to say that there's a lot to think about.

So without further ado, here's your first question:

What do I want to use my garden furniture for?

Are you an entertainer? A connoisseur of al fresco dining? Or just simply someone looking for some shade to grab a few hours of nap time? You should first be asking yourself what the purpose is for your garden furniture. Is your garden a place that all the family can enjoy? Or are you predominately using it as an intimate setting for summer evenings with your significant other? For example, will your evening barbecues include lots and lots of friend and family members? Or are you looking for a simple two-seater bistro set to accommodate a light lunch? Maybe you want a combination of all things mentioned above. Either way, you need to have an idea of how you want to enjoy your outdoor plot before looking at the furnishings... Got your idea? Good! 

Types of garden furniture

Now that's all out of the way, it's time for the big choice... What type of outdoor furniture are you going to choose?

Garden Furniture Dining Sets

Al fresco dining is impossible without a good table and chair set for friends and family to feast on. Perfect for gatherings, parties and barbecues alike, you'll make your garden a socialite hub this summer by adding a garden dining set. You'll find a great range of garden dining sets on the garden centre guide, from square, rectangular to round tables and reclining, cushioned or stackable chairs. The choice is yours, but you'll find the variety with the garden centre guide! View our garden furniture section today.   

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Garden Furniture Bistro Sets

To get the Parisian look and lifestyle in your garden, a two seater garden bistro set is an excellent addition. Bistro sets are a simple, seating solution for a garden with limited space or even a balcony, and also create a more intimate dining experience. You can find styles to suit every outdoor design, including square, round, wooden or metal tables and chairs. Shop all bistro sets on the Garden Centre Guide.

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Garden Sofa Set

Popular amongst garden lounge sets are rattan effect and corner sets with lots of cushions. As far as relaxing goes, these are the epitome of comfort, closely followed by sun loungers. Sofa sets are usually the centre of all social occasions, and although they're usually not the place for a three-course meal, a light snack, tea, coffee, cakes and good conversation will always revolve around the comfiest part of the garden. You'll find a great selection of garden lounge sets with the Garden Centre Guide.

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Garden Benches, Chairs & Tables

Picnic tables are a nice way to make your garden look more welcoming, the connotation that they have with public areas gives people the inclination that they are welcome to sit! As a result, the picnic table is a great choice for those looking to entertain. But it also looks great in snug settings. There's also one seater chairs or swings that where you can enjoy your own space. You can find lots of additional garden chairs or tables for your garden party with the garden centre guide.

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Sun loungers & Recliners

Soaking up the sun is never better than when you're lazing away on a sun lounger. With the multi-position feature, you can decide whether you want to take it back a few notches, or recline back completely. Grab some rays or a well earned afternoon nap with a sun lounger. Find sun loungers with the garden centre guide.

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Practical things to consider before buying (The boring stuff)


How much space do you have for garden furniture? There's always a piece that will suit you, but you need to make sure that you've got a garden big enough to accommodate the want for furniture. For example, If you only have a quaint 10m x 10m area to work with, perhaps a large 8 seater garden dining set isn't going to be the best option. Remember that you'll need to not only think about seats, but you need to make sure there's enough room around them for movement.


You do not want to get caught out by this! One very, very common mistake that people make when buying garden furniture is that they forget that summer doesn't last forever! If your set isn't appropriate for all weather conditions, where is it going to live when the weather turns for the worst? A great storage option is an outbuilding or shed, but you'll need to check if the piece you buy is foldable. Or there's also the option of buying a cover.


How are you going to initially set up your furniture? Yes, this means that buying a large, heavy set is not going to be the best choice for a balcony. Find out dimensions before buying a piece, and put your trusty tape measure to good use by physically planning where you want your table and chairs to go in your outdoor living space.


Choose wisely...

Wooden Furniture

Typically you'll find three types of wooden garden furniture; Hardwood, painted wood furniture, and teak garden furniture. Wooden outdoor furniture, as you might expect, requires a lot more care than other materials, but the rewards are endless! If you're looking to bring a natural and timeless look to your outdoor space, then try wooden garden furniture


Feeling lazy? Looking for garden furniture that's a bit more robust, with less maintenance? Try choosing metal outdoor furniture. With aluminium or steel furniture, all you need to get your dining set looking spick and spam for the summer is a good old was down with soapy water. Aluminium will never rust, so is a great option if you want to leave your furniture outside all year round. It's also a really lightweight material, so it's very easy to move around. Find Metal Garden Furniture with the Garden Centre Guide.

Metal garden furniture table

Rattan Garden Furniture

A modernistic, contemporary, and subtle style of garden furniture. Rattan effect furniture has a natural, yet versatile look that makes it suit every garden. You'll need to occasionally clean your set, but apart from that, there's very little maintenance. Making Rattan Garden Furniture the material of choice in 2016. Rattan effect can usually be found in two options - resin weave or moulded resin. Resin weave seems to be the more popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts due to it's resistance to mould, mildew and also it's tendancy for the colour not to fade. However, moulded resin is the better budget alternative. Find rattan garden furniture with the garden centre guide.


The pinnacle of affordable, easy to move, stackable, weather resistant and just all round versatile garden furniture. Plastic Garden Furniture might not be your first choice, but it is certainly a practical option. Especially for gardeners who are on a budget. Find plastic garden furniture with the Garden Centre Guide today.

Caring for Garden Furniture

Take a look at these handy videos - 

Wooden Furniture Care 

Rattan Garden Furniture Care

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