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Alpa Garden Centre

142/144 Swallow Street
Iver, SL0 0HR

01753 654101

The plants area is basic in the extreme to keep costs low. The paths are reasonably firm gravel and the plants are stacked on wooden pallets. Lots of bedding plants and a few shrubs. Surprisingly the vast majority of the area is covered so rain will not be a problem.

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Bert wicks 2014-01-17 11:39:56

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I came to the Alpa garden centre as I needed a hose fitting.. Upon entering the wet, pot holed, muddy "car park" I saw a rusty old greenhouse that clearly hadn't been touched in years, glass broken/missing and stinking bins outside that had waste overflowing into the puddles surrounding them.. I walked into the rotting garden centre showroom where there was little to no garden tools or appliances.. Just some old second hand junk for sale and some rabbit feed! I asked the clerk for the standard hose fitting and the response was "na we don't usually stock them" well that's great, a garden centre with no hose fittings! I left the garden centre trying to avoid all pot holes and puddles (unsuccessfully as the car park clearly has never been levelled or tar-mac'd) and went to flower land just down the road where I was served with a smile and given what I needed! Don't go to the Alpa garden centre, it's the worst garden center in the uk!

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