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6 simple ways to keep your cat entertained indoors

Lisa Garden on 08-06-2018

Does your cat break household items or spread litter around? It’s a telltale sign that your furry friend is feeling bored at home. Keeping your pet entertained at home is an effective way of preventing destructive behaviour and keeping them calm.

You don’t necessarily need to send them outdoors to keep them happy. Instead, you should consider the following easy and cost-effective ways to prevent boredom and entertain cat.


1. Get a bird feeder

Nothing entertains your cat like watching birds. So, install a bird feeder in the patio to attract birds. Refill it regularly so that more and more birds visit your home.

Make sure your cat has access to glass doors or windows where they can sit for hours indulging in the bird-watching activity. You can keep cat beddings on the window sill to keep your cat comfortable.


2. Build a fun zone

Build a fun zone to keep your feline friends happy and entertained. If you don’t have a spare room to build this gaming area, you can reserve a small portion of the living room for this purpose.

Get a scratching post or build one to keep your pets healthy and active.


3. Get toys

A variety of interactive toys are available for cats in the market. However, if you’re more into DIY techniques, you can build basic cat toys on your own.

Choose toys, such as a ball, that need movement. You can also build puzzles or play treasure hunt with your cats. When they successfully solve a puzzle, you can reward them with their favourite treats.


4. Get a cardboard box

Cats enjoy playing with cardboard boxes like nothing else. Aside from sitting in the box, they like playing hide and seek and use the box as a toy.

So, provide them with a large cardboard box to keep them away from expensive items in your home. This way, your cats won’t get bored and you won’t return from work to a dirty house.


5. Surprise them with paper bags

Have you ever noticed your cat playing with empty shopping bags? The crinkling sounds attract them. Give them a paper bag or two and they’ll play with it throughout the day. Just make sure you remove the handles, or else they may lead to choking.

Furthermore, scatter a few pieces of paper to surprise your cat. You can also wad up paper balls to keep them busy.


6. Build a climbing structure

Cats like climbing windows. So, why not build a safe climbing structure to provide them the opportunity to enjoy their favourite activity.

Build a fort with a cardboard box. Cut out holes so that your pet can climb the structure easily. It’s recommended to place a soft rug underneath the structure to prevent any injury.

Your cat is likely to get bored indoors, particularly when you’re away from home. They may engage in destructive activities and bring injury upon themselves. So, think of innovative ways to keep your cat busy so that they don’t get involved in unhealthy activities.