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Good Enough for Messi: Is Argentine Asado the Best Grilling Method in the World?

Familiar in South America, but lesser known on British shores, Asado is more than just a way to cook - it's a tradition deeply woven into Argentina's national identity. Celebrated globally for its unique grilling experience, Asado is often considered the king of the grilling methods. 

Lionel Messi is a fan: bettors at the best betting sites UK may not be aware, but Asado grilled beef helped fuel the little magician during Argentina’s 2022 World Cup triumph - if it’s good enough for an eight-time Ballon d’Or winner, it must have something going for it! This article explores why Argentine Asado is the pinnacle of grilling techniques.

Sizzling Through History

Asado has a rich history in Argentina, with roots in indigenous and Spanish culinary traditions dating back to the 16th Century. This cooking method, extensively documented online, has been passed down through generations to become a symbol of Argentina’s cultural and culinary identity.

Asado Artistry

The technique of Asado is more than just grilling meat; it's an art form that requires patience and expertise. The process involves slow-cooking meat over a wood fire, imparting a unique smoky flavour, which is hard to achieve with other grilling methods. The slow cooking ensures the meat remains tender, juicy, and full of rich flavours, setting it apart from other grilling styles.

Grass-Fed Beef: The Key

Of course, it all begins with the beef. The meat used in Argentine Asado is renowned for its exceptional quality. Argentina is famous for the superior taste and texture of its grass-fed beef. The meticulous preparation process, including seasoning and marinating methods, passed down through generations, further enhances the flavours, making the Asado experience instantly recognisable.

Cultural Cuisine

Aside from the stellar taste, an Asado grill has served as a social event, fostering community and togetherness amongst family and friends for hundreds of years. Gathering around the fire to share an Asado is a cherished tradition in Argentina, where friends and loved ones come together to enjoy great food and company. This communal aspect is a key factor in its popularity and longevity.

And it’s Healthier

Adding further to the Asado selling points, this method is thought to be a healthier grilling option. The slow cooking process over open flames reduces the need for added oils, resulting in a leaner cooking style. Additionally, using natural wood instead of charcoal or gas creates a healthier cooking environment - both for the food and those preparing and consuming it.

Argentina and Uruguay Bring Asado to the World Cup

As Argentina and Uruguay aimed for glory at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (with Argentina ultimately succeeding), they brought a taste of home by each shipping 2,000 pounds of prime beef for their players. This tradition of enjoying Asado allowed the players to unwind and bond in a high-pressure environment, bringing a taste of South America to the Middle East. 

Argentina's coach, Lionel Scaloni, and the Uruguayan Football Association emphasized how these barbecues contribute to a positive team atmosphere and cultural pride. Celebrated figures like Argentina's captain, Lionel Messi, have embraced this tradition, signifying its importance even during international events.

Both nations held Asado gatherings during their World Cup preparations, highlighting the role of this tradition in maintaining team spirit. Argentina celebrated their victory over the UAE with an Asado barbecue, and Uruguay’s squad enjoyed similar gatherings - despite having a little less to cheer about. Asado's integration into the World Cup routines of two high-profile footballing nations provides further evidence of its role in fostering unity and providing a comforting reminder of home amidst the heat of international competition.

Experience the Rich Tradition of Argentine Asado at Your Next BBQ

Superstar footballers aside, Argentine Asado stands out as a premium grilling method due to its rich historical background, unique cooking technique, superior quality ingredients, cultural importance, and potential health benefits. It is not merely a culinary practice but a celebration of Argentina's heritage and communal spirit. Heading to a barbeque this summer? Why not make it an Asado?