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How To Clean Up Your Garden This April And Be Ready For A Sizzling Summer

Lisa Garden on 13-04-2017

During April, the weather is getting warmer and that makes it the perfect time to start a cleanup. Many of us are looking outside and hoping for a great summer. The garden will have taken a beating during the winter but that is nothing to worry about. It can all be easily sorted out with a bit of work and know-how. Here in a few easy steps are some ideas and helpful tips that will enable you to get the most out of your outside space this summer.

Clean up the flowerbeds to make room for your vibrant new flowers

Flowerbeds will need attention during April as it is the best time to clean them up before new plant growth mingles with old woody foliage and gets tangled up. Many perennials will only bloom on new growth so any old woody branches and tatty foliage need to cut off. Dead annuals can be pulled out to make room for any new plants that you are planning on putting in. Give the soil a good digging with a garden fork and add some nice mature compost to give the beds a new lease of life.

The garden shed will be much more useful once you have cleaned it up

April is the time when we can take stock of what we have and need. Perhaps stored furniture and other items are looking a bit weary and could do with being replaced. Now is a good time to see what you need to buy and what can be repaired or revamped. Lawn mowers and garden tools can also be examined and maintained now for their continued use during the approaching summer months.

Spruce up your fences and woodwork in April as part of your summer clean up

Wood looks gorgeous in the garden and many people choose this material as part of their decoration outside. It does need maintaining though, with preservatives to protect from wood rot and infestation and some colour to make it glow. Old, tired looking wood can be brought instantly back to life with a lick of stain that can be bought in every shade or colour imaginable. Wooden patio furniture can be totally transformed with some new colour and perhaps a new set of matching cushions if the budget will allow it.

A power washer is a perfect tool for a sparkling, rejuvenated, cleaned up patio

If you own a power washer or are in the position to borrow or rent one then they are a great tool to use as part of your garden clean up. They can effortlessly blast away debris, mould and weeds that may have taken root in between cracks in your patio or decking. You can also use it around the garden paths to remove dirt and grime that will have built up over the winter or to clean kids toys that will soon be in use again. Local garden centres stock these kinds of apparatus and will be able to help and advise you on how to use them. You can also buy wood stains, patio furniture and get some fantastic ideas for new plants to add to your spring garden.