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How to decorate your Christmas tree?

Nothing brightens up the festive season of Christmas than a well-decorated tree. Decorating Christmas tree is an age old tradition that started out with dyed popcorn garlands. Today, Christmas tree decoration has become a competitive work of art and is often the first thing one would notice when passing by a house in Christmas season. You don’t have to have years of Christmas tree decorating experience under your belt to decorate your Christmas tree though.

Here are some simple ways you can decorate your Christmas tree really well: 


1. Start with the lights

Hanging lights around your Christmas tree is a must because no matter how much you accessorize it, it would always feel complete without some twinkling illumination. However, when you choose the lights, make sure that you pick the lights with a wire colour that matches the most with your tree so that the wires blend into the tree well. Having a bunch of wires hanging around the tree looks very messy. LED lights are usually the safer choice since they are fireproof but having incandescent lights around the tree can warm up the branches enough to release the scent of pine in the room. If you are looking for softer lights, go for globe lights. Not only is its light intensity lower but the produced light covers a larger area as well.

2. Be generous with garlands

There are a variety of garlands of different thicknesses that you can use depending on the size and colour of your Christmas tree. However, as you start draping the garlands from the top, gradually increase the number of garlands as you go down. If you apply too many garlands on fewer branches at the top, they will bulge and we don’t want that do we? You can use different kinds of garlands on the tree too. If you want to wrap a single kind of garland around the entire tree, go for thick foil, ribbon or paper garlands.

3. Ornaments

Hanging Christmas tree ornaments can be more impactful when done a certain way. Don’t be random with your ornament placement. Start with the larger Christmas tree ornaments and apply them on the best spots on the Christmas tree. Then use the medium-sized and small-sized ornaments to fill ample spaces between the larger ornaments. You can also give your Christmas tree an interesting depth by placing some ornaments near the trunk and placing others at the edges.

4. Tree skirt and topper

Make sure you get a tree skirt for your Christmas tree. No one likes looking at the plastic tree holder or extension cable leading from the tree into the wall socket. A skirt can neatly tuck the necessary cables underneath so your tree looks cleaner. Furthermore, no Christmas tree is complete without a topper, a crowned jewel. Typically, people use symbols like the star which represents religious roots. However, there is an abundance of options to choose from.