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How to give your home an innovative look with indoor plants

Lisa Garden on 10-12-2017

Indoor plants can enhance the decor of your home and add refreshing colours to your indoor space. Many people opt for artificial plants since they are easy to maintain and you can keep them in your home for long. However, the plethora of benefits natural plants offer more than make up for these efforts. A large variety of plants are available that can be easily incorporated into your home interior.

Get some plant pots to keep plants in a room. Use your artistic skills to paint them in different colours so they match the theme.


How to Choose Houseplants?

Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you choose the perfect plants for your home within your budget.

  • Go for plants that don’t need a lot of care.
  • Choose plants that can survive in low light.
  • Plants that don’t need frequent watering are suitable for you, if you’re away from home often.
  • Consider the indoor environment before buying plants. For instance, some plants thrive in the moist air of bathrooms.


How to Decorate Indoor Space with Plants

Plants have specific needs to survive. Get the right soil that supports the growth of your indoor plants. Add compost so that the plants grow wonderfully and enhance the appearance of your home.

Create a beautiful mini garden inside your home. You can keep many garden pots or planters in your living room, bedroom or any other indoor space. Get in touch with a garden centre to order plant pots as per your specific needs. You may have to water your plants regularly. Therefore, make sure that the planter has a hole in the bottom for drainage.

Instead of lining up plant pots on the ground, you can use any spare rack or table for your indoor plants. It will allow you to keep many plant pots within a limited space.

Keeping small plant pots on shelves is another innovative way of turning your home green. Install L-shaped shelves and decorate them with some beautiful plants. Plants draping down a shelf also look amazing and add a refreshing feel to your home.

Keeping some plants in your study room isn’t a bad idea at all. Add a positive energy to your room with the help of fresh plants. Also, you can keep plant pots at the top of your bookshelves. The top of a bookshelf usually remains empty. So, why not adorn it with some plants to refresh your mind? Opt for low-maintenance plants, since it isn’t easy to water these plants on a regular basis.

Grow some indoor plants in Macramé plant hangers. Not only do they save a lot of space, but also look good in any indoor space. Hang them near a window in your living room or kitchen where they can receive direct sunlight.

Learn more about suitable indoor plants at Garden Centre Guide. Here you can locate some local garden centres near you where you can buy some plants to decorate your home.