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How to prepare your garden for the summer

Summer is undoubtedly the best time to get the plants in your garden blooming!

You could get overwhelmed with setting up a flourishing garden. Do not worry: it is not as difficult as you might expect. With just a little bit of preparation, you will be good to go!

Here are seven tips and tricks to set your garden up for success.


1. Clean and bin 

First off, clean the garden- look for any dead sticks, fallen leaves, and rubbish that may have gathered around. Go through the plant beds using a rake to find any weeds that need to be pulled out. Put all the natural waste into the bin.

It is very important to welcome summer with a clean canvas so do a thorough job! 


2. Fertilise the grass

After spring cleaning your garden, you are likely to see a much clearer picture of it. The next step is perhaps the most crucial – what can be more important than the state of soil for your garden’s health? Use a summer lawn fertiliser to prevent moss and weeds from growing. Make sure you do this when the soil is moist or rain is expected.


3. Install water butts

Install water butts under the drainpipe to give a natural rainwater effect. Water butts are not only beneficial for the growth of some plants but are also good for the environment.


4. Make a plan

From a variety of plants to choose from, go for those that are perfect for summer conditions. For example, plants like lilies and gladiolus will brighten your garden. Plant new seeds and remove any plants that are not working. In simple words, redesign your garden and welcome the summer season with a positive change!

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5. Get rid of the pests

It is advised to take control of the pests beforehand so that you do not end up spending most of your time trying to get rid of them instead of enjoying the summer landscape of your garden. Try to spot any slug or snail that might be hiding between plants. The safest way to do this is by using natural barriers for these pests instead of using chemical products.


6. Dig up the soil

Cultivate the soil by digging it up and then placing it back in the same hole. Cultivated soil works wonders for plants’ growth. Do this with each flowerbed and reap some amazing results in summer!


7. Take care of your tools

It is necessary to keep your gardening tools clean because it makes them last longer. After cleaning all equipment, oil them to prevent them from rusting. One easy way to clean your tools is by washing them after every use.

These tips will prepare your garden for upcoming summer and all you will have to do later is spend the warm weather out enjoying your efforts.

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