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Planting a hedge can improve the price of your home!

Lisa Garden on 27-10-2017

For centuries man has created boundaries around his property by using mother nature. Hedges come in all shapes and sizes, flowering, coloured or evergreen with heady scents. Research has shown that when people are buying property they prefer nice green streets so plant a hedge and encourage your neighbours to get cracking too.


Will planting a hedge cost me a fortune?

Absolutely not! Planting a hedge is something that is a DIY project that could be done in your free time. All you need is a spade, compost and the plants of your choice. This is where the expense will come in, depending on the choice of plants that you will use to form the hedge. Click here for hedge plant ideas. An average cost to plant an evergreen hedge would be around £210 for 10 metres. Local garden centres can help you choose which plants are the most cost-effective if that is an issue for you. This figure is based on a 10 meter hedge with £7 hedge plants being planted 3 per meter. The same length of fencing would cost approximately £400 and a builder's built wall around £1,000.


Advantages of planting a hedge as a boundary for your garden

Planting a hedge will provide a barrier for you long after the fence has rotted away and may even last as long as the wall. Some hedge plants will cost less that the figure quoted above and others much more, it is down to your budget and personal taste. If you are patient, a slower growing hedge plant will cost much less. Here are some great advantages to planting a hedge:

  • You can prevent crime
  • Burglars will be put off from entering vulnerable spots around your property by planting a thorny, dense hedge. Try using Hawthorn, Pyracantha or Berberis.
  • Attract butterflys, birds and insects
  • Birds love to nest in hedges where they can find shelter and protection form the elements. Hawthorn, Holly and Spotted Laurel hedges provide berries for birds to eat. Lavender, Hawthorn and Oleaster will attract beneficial insects into the garden. Your inner garden will be protected from the elements by the hedge and it will thrive.


Environmental benefits of planting a hedge

You won't need to use the damaging paints and fungicides that a fence would need, but you will have to be careful when you choose a hedge with regards to the maintenance. If you are not up for a lot of trimming then when you buy your hedge at your local garden centre they will be able to recommend a hedge that is just right for you. Dense hedges can create a sound and pollution barrier for your garden to protect a child's play area or a vegetable garden. Planting a hedge will allow you to introduce a flowered, scented, colourful feature into your garden. They can have leaves that are brightly coloured to brighten up a dull day and give you something very attractive to be proud of.