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Protect your plants from the winter cold

Lisa Garden on 24-11-2017

You will have to protect your plants during the winter, especially those that originate from warmer shores. When sensitive plants are exposed to continuous bad weather, in the form of hard rain, snow, plummeting temperatures and frost, they can die. Their roots can rot from poor drainage, foliage can be permanently damaged and the central growing point of the plant can suffer. Plants cannot just move indoors when the weather gets cold, unlike us, but we can keep them warm in a number of similar was to us by putting jackets on them.


Not all plants can be moved into warmer spaces to protect your plants from the cold

For those of you who are lucky enough to own a greenhouse then any exotic plants may be moved inside for the duration of the cold weather. Small pots may be brought into your home and sat on window sills until the worst of the cold has passed. Some plants that are left outside can drown in too much water from excessive rainfall. Their roots become starved of oxygen and drown, causing them to rot. Pots need good drainage holes and the right kind of well-draining compost mixes to keep them as dry as possible. Local garden centres sell pot legs to keep the drainage holes free.


Horticultural fleece can protect your plants during the cold weather

Local garden centres have many kinds of products that can protect your plants from the worst of the weather. It is important to only use these measures when frost is forecast and to remove it during warmer, sunny days to allow the plant to produce the best possible harvest of flowers or fruit. Special jackets for vulnerable trees can be bought in your local garden centre to protect trees from the cold. They have a drawstring at the bottom to keep your tree snug and protected. Horticultural fleece allows sunlight, air and some water to pass through to the protected plant. It can be bought by the meter on large rolls at local garden centres.



Horticultural fleece will protect your plants from the cold and unwanted pests

Young plants can be protected from bad weather by being draped in horticultural fleece in their early life to see them grow and thrive until the spring. Many winter vegetables can benefit from being protected from the particularly bad weather. It is very easy to use and is light enough to not damage the young plants. It should be laid on the plants and secured around the edges with some heavy stones. It is best pulled tight to avoid it flapping in the wind and breaking loose.


Protect your plants by insulating their containers during the winter

Your beautiful pots can be protected with your plants during cold weather to avoid them breaking during frosty spells. Terracotta pots are susceptible to cracking during extreme spells of cold and frost can penetrate the sides of the pot and damage the plant's roots. To avoid this the pot can be wrapped in insulating bubble wrap or a more natural looking hessian material that is widely available from local garden centres.