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Top 4 trees to enhance the beauty of your small garden

Lisa Garden on 13-02-2018

Trees are one of the first things one thinks of when they want to beautify your landscape. Even the smallest gardens can be made vibrant and fairly appealing when trees are positioned in a manner where they work toward a particular focal point and block any unwanted views. The impact that trees have on your lawn is not confined to its ornamental potential. They provide shade, block out the harsh winter winds, and can provide a net cooling effect that is equivalent to about 10 room-sized air conditioners that operate 20 hours every day! Additionally, trees are effective air purifiers. They suck in harmful greenhouse gases from the environment and produce oxygen instead.


1. Japanese maple trees

These exotic looking small trees are ideal for any small garden. Their manageable size would not take up too much space in your garden, and will introduce a distinct flare to your small garden with multi-pointed, gentle green colored leaves. Japanese maple trees are more specifically called Acer palmatum. The salesman at your local tree market will know exactly what you are looking for when you use its precise scientific name. The extravagant foliage on the Japanese maple trees brings out their pretty color during autumn, as they give out the much cherished maple leaves. When you plant Japanese maple trees, make sure you keep them away from direct sun since they like to bloom in sheltered spots.


2. Crab apple trees

Crab apple trees are excellent all rounders and hit the mark in all aspects you could judge a tree on. Their blossom period during spring time is nothing short of spectacular with their thick, luscious foliage. The fruits they produce add color to the landscape like few other fruit trees can. Additionally, having crab apple trees in your small garden is great for the ecology. The fruits on crab apple trees draw in a number of birds, and other wildlife that can breathe life into your small garden. If you want to plant crab apple trees for their fruits, go for the “John Downie” variety. If your purpose of planting it is purely ornamental, you’re better off with the space friendly “Golden Hornet” variety.


3. Peach trees

The hardy peach trees are always great addition to a small garden mainly due to their small size and ability to produce delicious peaches. However, if you want to harvest full-grown ripe peaches from the tree, you need to make sure that you plant the tree in a warm and sunny spot. Direct sunlight is essential for peach trees to produce the prerequisite nutrients that will eventually be stored in the fruits. It is ideal to plant them in a sunny and partially shaded spot. Be cautious of frosty spots though because they can severely damage the flowers.


4. Loquat trees

You might have spotted the glossy leafed Loquat trees in urban cities. Loquat trees thrive in the city microclimate, so if you live in an urban jungle, you don’t need to worry much about the upkeep of the Loquat tree in your small garden. There are two popular varieties of Laquat trees: Eriobotrya japonicas are enticing to most due to their fragrant flowers aside from their glossy foliage and fruits. While Eriobotrya deflexas are admired for their bronze colored leaves and scented flowers. 

Visit a local garden centre to stock up on various tree varieties that are perfectly suited for your small garden.