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Top 5 Garden Centres in Birmingham

Lisa Garden on 23-02-2017

Birmingham is known as one of the Uk's manufacturing powerhouses. With one of the largest populations in the UK, Birmingham is one of the industrial revolution's landmark cities. Birmingham is a city in the West Midlands known for it's rich cultural diversity and vibrant student population. As well as it's metropolitan populace, Birmingham is famed for the invention of the steam engine. A major part of English History. The city of Birmingham is one that is densley populated, and with so much urban infrastructure you might think that horticulture would be the last thing on the mind of it's people. But there's always room for gardening! With this in mind - let us take a look at our pick of the top 5 garden centres in Birmingham.  

Akamba Garden Centre Birmingham

Akamba Garden Centre

Akamba Garden Centre is an exotic plant nursery and garden centre in Shirley Solihull. It is your slice of Kenya in the West Midlands, where you'll find a plant display like no other. Wander around the centre to fine an incredible range of cold hardy exotic plants including ferns and palms. The plant centre near Birmingham will not disappoint from its quirkyness of beatuiful plants and sculptures. There is also a vibrant bar with great seating and regular afro themed events and barbecues. Overall, Akamba is a unique plant nursery and garden centre with an atmosphere like no other. Definitely one which is not to be missed!

Halls Garden Centre BirminghamHall's Garden Centre

Hall's Garden Centre is is a family run business located in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Within the centre you'll find everything you need for your garden centre ranging from plants, flowers, sheds and other garden buldings, ornaments, wildlife and bird care, gifts and gardening inspiration. As well as all the products you would wish for to get your garden looking on form thiw season, Halls Garden Centre is also the place to go for friendly advice and tips. 

Pacific Nurseries BirminghamPacific Nurseries

Pacific Nurseries and garden centre in Walsall is a lovely, quaint plant nursery and garden centre to visit. Just a short drive outside of Birmingham and you'll find a centre dedicated to producing top-quality plants and being a hub of horticultural knowledge within the area. There's also a relaxing place to grab a cup of coffee and a slice of something sweet. 

Bournville Garden Centre BirminghamBournville, A Wyevale Garden Centre

Bournville Garden Centre is one of the many Wyevale locations in the West Midlands and the depth of product range that gardeners are used to seeing within centres of the Wyevale family is definitely prevalent at Bourneville. The team at Bourneville love to share their horticultural knowledge and are keen to get your garden looking its best. Amongst the great range of gardening supplies, you're going to find indoor and outdoor plants, garden tools, seeds, bulbs, other garden sundries, a great gift shop and a restaurant to enjoy a relaxing meal.


Ashwood Nurseries Birmingham

Ashwood Nurseries

Ashwood Nurseries has one of the finest selections of plants in the UK, which makes this a plant nursery and garden centre you will definitely not want to miss. The short drive out of Birmingham to Kingswinford is worth it! With a great range of indoor and outdoor plants, garden tools, sundries, giftware and more.

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