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What to do in the garden in October?

Lisa Garden on 10-10-2017

If you are not sure what to do in your garden this October, we at the Garden Centre Guide are here to help you out with a few handy tips and tricks to keep your garden flourishing in the run up to winter! It is autumn again which means cold and wet weather is approaching. But that does not mean that the only thing you can do is sit at home, sip your tea and look desperately out of the window at your rapidly degrading garden. On the contrary, there is a lot you can do in your garden during a wet, grey and frigid month like October. We are here to offer you some great tips and ideas to make your backyard autumn proof. Success and fun guaranteed! After reading this article, you will know:

  • what to do in the garden in October;
  • what crops to harvest in October;
  • what flowers to plant in October.


What to do with your fruit and vegetables in October?

Just like you, your plants and trees will also get cold during the autumn and winter months. Your fruit and vegetables need a little extra TLC as well. So what should you be doing in your garden this October? By giving your flower beds a good mulch you will strengthen the top structure and stop weeds from strangling your beloved plants. As a result, your plants will become healthier and therefore easier to work with. Furthermore, now is the perfect time to harvest your squash, potatoes, courgettes, beans, etc. Make sure you cut down the foliage of your beans and leave the roots in the soil. This will make the harvest of your crops next year easier. To make your gardening work even more, you can visit our webshop for handy garden tools and other gardening items, if you do not have the necessary tools for the job. Here you will find handy items such as rakes and leaf blowers, which are essential to clean the mess of leaves and weeds after giving your garden a well-deserved grooming session!


What to do with the flowers in your garden?

You may wonder what to do with your flower garden in October. Flowers tend to be a bit more vulnerable than most plants and should therefore receive special treatment in October. By securing a net or fleece around your flowers, you protect them against attacks by animals and stormy weather. To give your garden extra colour during these cold and dreary October days, you can consider planting Heather, Violas, Hellebores and/or Skimmias. The vivid colours of these lively flowers will surely paint a smile on your dial. Moreover, October is the perfect time of the year to plant Clematis plants. These wonderful plants have multiple uses in your garden. They can be used to cover a wall, fence or screen and create a sense of summer with their vibrant, colourful blooms, during cold months. Not only do they continue to bloom in the fall, they also spread a sweet and lovely scent. Although they may tend to be a bit invasive, with the right maintenance you will be able to enjoy these lovely plants during the whole of autumn.


Everything you need to know about gardening in October!

Here at the Garden Centre Guide we understand that gardening can sometimes be a heavy task especially when it is cold and miserable outside. But we also know that there is nothing more enjoyable than working in your garden, even during chilly months such as October. That is why we are here to provide you with the inside scoop on what to do in the garden to keep your gardening fun and effective. With our help, you can create a wonderful autumn-proof garden that you can be proud of!