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You can make cider out of any apple?

Lisa Garden on 16-02-2016

An orchard of ancient cider apple trees has been saved for the nation after its owners gave it to the National Trust to look after.

Cider apple varieties

The internationally important collection of 300 cider apple varieties includes evocatively-named apples like ‘Slack-ma-Girdle’, ‘Netherton Late Blower’ and ‘Billy Down Pippin’, put together over 25 years by collector Henry May at his Herefordshire orchard.

Fruit orchards recreated

Material from each variety is being used to propagate new trees to plant in National Trust properties in the county each tree came from originally. They include Montacute House, in Somerset, planting 95 varieties to recreate the fruit orchards which once grew at the estate in the 19th century.

If flavours a factor - choose cider apple trees over conventional

You can make cider out of any apple, but for the best flavour cider apple varieties are the ones to choose. Cider apple trees are grown just like conventional apples – though the fruit is generally too tart to eat raw. Now is a great time to plant them, too: just ask at your local garden centre, you'll find help in discovering a good variety for you. Plant at the same depth as your tree was growing in the pot, and provide a nice sturdy stake, and you can be drinking home-brewed cider within a couple of seasons.

Just imagine a long summer day, sipping on a tall glass of your own home made cider. Find your nearest garden centre and get started today!