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Citrus Centre

West Mare Lane
Pulborough, RH20 2EA

01798 872786[email protected]

Find the opening times for The Citrus Centre in Pulborough here. The Citrus Centre is a small nursery specialising in citrus fruit plants such as Lemons, limes, Orange trees, indian currey leaf plant and more. The staff are always on hand to help you with your questions and each plant you're supplied with will have a useful fact sheet. If you're ready to visit, the opening times are below, along with the directions and recent customer reviews for you to plan your journey. Visit The Citrus Centre in West Sussex today.

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RS 2017-06-16 11:59:35

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I shopped online with the citrus centre. I bought a curry plant which was delivered overwatered (with water pooling in the packaging) and in a bad state due to this. However, I gave them the benefit of the doubt as my mum managed to revive the plant by draining out the excess water and placing the plant in a warm room. If we had not opened the plant immediately it would not have survived. Recently rang them to ask about a lime tree and Tulsi plant. I was met with a very patronising attitude when asking about the best compost for the tulsi plant with Amanda telling me that soil was basically dirt! I have now managed to get a gorgeous lime plant for half the price offered here and also a Tulsi plant at a fraction of the price from very friendly and helpful people at other online sites. My opinion of the citrus centre - grossly overpriced items with unfriendly staff.

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