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Climbers are one of your gardens must haves! They create a magical feel in your garden and not to mention they look amazing! You can get such a variety of climbers, and even edible ones! Here is a list of garden centres who are currently stocking climbers. They may have the favourites, clematis, wisteria, jasmine, honeysuckles and passionflowers but visit them to see what they have in store. You never know, you might find something really unusual!


Be sure to look out for:

Rare & Unusual Climbers

  • Clematis Florida 'Alba Plena'
  • Lonicera pilosa
  • Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby'
  • Tropaeolum tricolor

How to Arrange Your Climbing Plants

There's no set way to arrange your climbers, after all, they are a truly diverse group of plants. You can use climbers to breathe life into your brickwork by fixing a trellis, cover your fencing or wind them around arches and obelisks to create a mystical aura in your garden! You can even train certain shrubs as ‘wall shrubs’ by tying them to supports, for the same effect. So there's really no end of use and beauty for climbers. That you need to take special care in looking after them! 

Advice on Climbers

Why not visit one of your local garden centres from the list below for some more advice or you can always find handy gardening tips and tricks in our news section.