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What a great way to grow plants, in containers! There are so many different types of containers you can buy and so many different plants you can grow in them. Round ones, square ones, troughs, hanging baskets, plastic ones and so on. Containers are great even if you don’t have a garden, you may just have a little area but you can still enjoy the benefits of them. You could grow herbs in a container for your kitchen, the list is endless. Plant containers and plant pots are the perfect way to spruce up your patio or give flowers are home that wouldn't have fit in otherwise. 

Planting in Containers - the Possibilities are Endless


So with such an immense variety of types of containers to choose from, how do you decide?

Choosing Containers

Some key things to remember are:

  • The larger the container, the better the display - Of course, you'll get more plants in a larger container but on a practical note - your plants will also have more room for their roots along with more moisture and nutrients.
  • On the patio, a few large containers make for a better display than a lot of little ones - make a grander gesture with fewer focal points.
  • For summer use, any type of container is fine - terracotta, ceramic, plastic, fibreglass, timber etc – but make sure it has plenty of drainage holes in the base.

Here is a list of garden centres who are currently selling containers, so make yourself known and get down there to look at the variety of containers they stock.