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Cut flowers

Cut flowers are fantastic for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays and so on. Anyone who receives a bunch of flowers is always happy to. Such  a natural and beautiful gift. So if there is an event coming up, say it with flowers, from tulips and carnations to lilies and bird of paradise there are bound to be some of your favourites. You can scroll down to find a list of garden centres who currently stock cut flowers in their floristry departments.

Cut flowers make the Perfect Gift

cut flowers

What is the meaning of the Cut Flowers you've chosen

Flowers all have a symbolic meaning and story behind them, for example, roses being most commonly associated with valentines day, romance, love and lust. You want to make sure that you buy the appropriate cut flowers for your gift recipients occasion. You can say a lot with cut flowers, so make sure you're communicating the right message! 

  • Daffodils - Daffodils symbolise chivalry, new beginnings or eternal life. A bunch of daffodils indicates joy and happiness.
  • Lilies - These cut flowers represent purity and beauty. A white lily symbolises modesty, an orange lily means passion and yellow lily is symbolic of gaiety.
  • Bird of Paradise - This flower is representative of joyfulness. It also symbolises magnificence and can be used to indicate excitement.
  • Roses - Love, romance, passion and lust.
  • Sunflower - Pure thoughts
  • Tulips - Tulips are a declaration of love. If you're looking to announce your love someone - Choose tulips!
  • Heather - Admiration
  • Chrysanthemum - Fidelity
  • Hydrangea - Heartfelt
  • Freesia - Innocence
  • Delphinium - Heavenly
  • Carnations - Pride and beauty.

How do you keep Cut Flowers Fresh?

Here's a handy way you can keep your cut flowers fresh: Make your own preservative - Dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar per litre of warm water. When you fill your vase, make sure the cut stems are covered by roughly 3-4 inches of the water.

Where can I Buy Cut flowers?

Below is a list of garden centres near you that currently sell cut flowers, or have floristry departments. Visit a store to find out what they have in stock or buy cut flowers online.